Helpful Tips in Choosing a Computer Brand and its Three Main Components

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This article is about the helpful tips in choosing a computer brand and considering the three main components of the computer system. It explains the importance of considering the brand of computer depending on your computer needs. It also enumerates and explains the three main components of a computer system that should be considered.

Helpful Tips in Choosing a Computer Brand and its Three Main Components

There are many computer brands available in the market today. They are varied from types, models, prices, sizes, and specifications. Those factors are too complicated for those people who do not have knowledge about computers especially computer hardware because determining a good computer brands is sometimes tricky and complicated. Deciding the best computer brand for your personal or business needs should be started in determining your daily tasks and activities that need a computer system to finish.

There are many uses of computers depending on your passion and interest as a computer user. There are computers good for school and office work, there are also computers designed and specified for entertainment purposes like watching movies, playing music, playing games, etc. If you are also a person who always wants a portable computer, there are many computer brands of laptops available in the market. Determining your everyday activities helps you to purchase the cheep yet can handle the various applications for your personal and business documents and activities. The next thing to consider is the hardware components and specifications.

The brands of computers have some relations with its hardware components and specifications. In all of brands of computer available in the market there are only three main factors to consider. These are the main components of a computer system (CPU, RAM, and Hard Disk Drive).

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The CPU is usually called “The Brain of the Computer” this is because the Central Processing Unit is where all the calculations of the computer are being processed. It is the center of all the processing activities of the software applications and the operating system. Computer games that have 3D graphics require more resolution to play. This means that billions of calculations per second are involved. This is why computer games require higher Central Processing Unit than other applications. Computer users that only use the computer for Internet, Email, Chat, and Word Processing Applications only require a low speed CPU.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

The RAM is also like the brain that has the capability of storing and retrieving data for the computer processes. The Random Access Memory is the part of the computer that determines the speed of the applications installed in the operating system as well as the operating itself. This means that a RAM with a high capacity memory is more capable of loading applications faster that the lower capacity RAM. Computer users who are always engaged in multitasking activities need to use a higher amount of RAM to deal with their multitasking activities. This will allow them to run different computer applications like playing computer games, playing online movies, browsing the Internet, playing music, etc.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

The hard disk drive is the primary storage device of a computer system. If you are planning to store so much data you will also need a hard disk drive with a high capacity to accommodate all your files like collection of music, videos, documents, images, etc. Selecting computer brands are determined from those specifications mentioned above. You should always prioritize the three main components when purchasing a computer.

There are various computer brands available in the market. Some are especially designed for gaming and entertainment some also designed for business, personal, and travel.


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