Helping unfortunate children at Christmas by giving gifts to strangers

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Are you a giver? Do you want to know that the children who otherwise wouldn't get a Christmas present because they are in some unfortunate circumstances then you should give to children's charities at Christmas.

The Operation Christmas Chilld

Mary Smorada is a volunteer at a Church in Southwestern Pennsylvania, in a town that is named Ellwood City , at Calvin Presbyterian Church.

The Calvin Presbyterian Church is one of the two that are in one area of Southwestern, Pennsylvania that is a place that anybody, and the more the better, stops by to give the charity that is operating in the Church as a drop off place for Charity that is considered national and international. The Charity is part of a bigger charity called Samaritan's Purse. The Charity is a part of a bigger charity called Samaritan's Purse. The charity goes by the home that Samaritan's Purse calls it which is operation Christmas child.

Lady tells story of a young current college student who was a girl who got a shoebox

Every year for the last few years, Mary Smorada tells the other people, and Calvin Presbyterian Church's Operation Christmas Child about how wonderful a certain child's present was to her and made a difference in her life. The story is told every year since she met the girl in which she tells the story. The girl is volunteering at a South Carolina Non Profit that shows how special she is and she is also in college now.

Oksana's story part 1

Before we get into the greatness of Operation Christmas Child . I will relay, in my own words, the awesome story of Oksana.

Oksana lived some of her life in a Russian orphanage . Granted, she had someplace to live with a roof over her head. At least she wasn't living on the streets. She also received some kind of education . But that is about it as life as the orphanage was not like a luxury resort.

Oksana's story parrt 2

Anybody that can have their own toothbrush and most of us in first world countries have our own toothbrush. We will buy a toothbrush with our hard earned money, but these children in the Russian orphanage had to share one toothbrush with 50 other kids as did Oksana.

Then in 2005, Operation Christmas Child came to Oksana Russian Orphanage bringing shoeboxes of gifts not everybody received a gift. The reason why is not shared . She has a Guardian Angel on her shoulder as she was a lucky kid that received a gift from a complete stranger. Those who get gifts do not know the name of the name of the person but know that a complete strangers about older than themselves

Oksana received her very own toothbrush[b] and two tube of toothpaste and oe pair of socks for her gift . It was so great with the toothbrush that was taken care of herself and she was aopted

The lady who met Oksana and relates her story yearlyaround Christmas

Mary Smorado had the opportunity to meet Oksana in person now Oksana is in college I can't find the college she is attending (sorry) and is giving back. She is giving back by volunteering at a nonprofit in North Carolina.

Smorado is the director of the relay center at Calvin Presbyterian Church. She shares that story ever since she met Oksana and learned of the story, and the Operation Christmas Child might have been adopted over all those other kids because Operation Christmas Child

The number of Countries Operation Christmas Chiild serves

There are 150 countries all over the globe in which Samaritan's Purse is going to send gifts in shoeboxes for children. They are going to send the shoeboxes through the arm of the Samaritan's Purse Charity named Operation Christmas Child. During the week of November 16-23, 2015 all across the area people will bring in shoeboxes of gifts with such things as toothbrushes, school supplies and toys that go to the children all across the globe if they would not otherwise get a Christmas gift.

The history of Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child was started in 1993 until 2014 (they don't have the statistics ready for 2015 yet as being distributed yet ad gifts being distributed and they are still accepting shoeboxes as I write this on November 21, 2015. This wonderful charity has given to the kids 124 million shoebox gifts . In 2015 they are praying they can get enough donations,that they can get their wish of sending out eleven million boxes in 2015 comes true.

How many boxes collected in Southwestern Pennsylvania in 2014

In 2014, Calvin Presbyterian Church was able to ship 1.163 boxes will be a Christmas gift for some thrilled kid. In Chippewa Township , they collected 2,286 shoeboxes collected.

Pathway Church in Chippewa Township has a 45-year old volunteer Donanna Seese, for North Sewickley Township, a woman who especially likes the idea of this charity is getting so popular. She also likes how this charity isn't only for one Religious denomination. It may have two churches like in the Southwestern, Pennsylvania who act as drop off for this charity. In reality any person of any religious denomination that wants to make Christmas thrilling for a poor child then they are more than welcome to bring a shoebox gift to the drop off place nearest them.

Another of her favorite things of this programs that families get together to help poor kids who need to have a better Christmas.

How Donanne Seese began her Operation Christmas Child joruney

Donanne Seese started her journey with Operation Christmas Child when her children were little and she wanted to teach them the joy of giving a gift to a child on Christmas who otherwise who otherwise wouldn't get a gift

What Donanne Seese did is becoming a common thing for parents to do with their kids that will bring their small children to the drop off Center . Sometimes mom's have their child give one of their own toys.

Parents teaching children to give to those less fortunate than them

Mary Domorado said some mothers just don't go shopping and fill the shoebox with gifts and go to the nearest drop off center where they live and hand over the shoebox without their kids knowing what is in it. Instead for the shoebox, Smorada says some mothers take their children to the store. They tell them to pick out something to buy that they like best because this is going to a child who won't otherwise get a gift.

When people bring In their shoebox gifts, Smorado gets a lot of stories. One example, this id of a story told to her by one woman who brought a shoebox to Operation Christmas Child. She said while growing up het parents had five children in the family including her, She had many years with five kids in the family that there many years like that one year there was a wagon all five of them had to share.

Why Mary Somorado loves this chariity

Smorado thinks that her favorite part of this charity like when the boxes are blessed are blessed before they send them to the shipment center to go all over the world.

She also likes how the people who volunteer to get the shoeboxes ready to ship to the 150 countries have a glow on their face because they know they did a good deed

Facts about the Operation Christmas Child

It gives to children all around the world to children who would not have Christmas gifts . The Charity also has a mission to show God's love in a living way they can feel. They can show this when strangers give them shoeboxes to show God's love.

The countries that are helping to collect gifts are Australia, Germany, United States, Finland, Canada, Spain, Japan, UK and New Zealand.

The shoeboxes come from individuals, Churches, families and different clubs and organizations. They are supposed to put a fun toy like a doll for a girl or a football for a boy. Operation Christmas child likes donors to put in them school supplies and friendly general notes of encouragement.

When Samaritan's Purse collects the filled shoeboxes where there are drop off sites in all 50 of the states in the United States and Puerto Rico at 4000 drop off spots . When the shoeboxes are ready to go overseas they go from 8 places across the United States.

Those eight places are Charlotte, North Carolina, Dallas, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, Baltimore, Maryland, Boone, North Carolina. Denver , Colorado, Minneapolis , Minnesota, and California's Orange County.


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I was looking for a secret santa for my boy who's turning 5 years old on Christmas eve. I have no family to help due to illness, I recently lost my job because my car was stolen and totaled. His father is no where to be found but he's still a good kid. I've been looking for work in wilm de but I've had no luck. Hoping for a miracle or work. Merry Christmas everyone and good luck.

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