Hiking or Walking, is there really a difference?

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If you're not walking or hiking at some point to get where you're going, you're not living life.

Hiking & Walking, the benefits; any dangers?

Walking is a great form of exercise when you want to get out, and get some air not to mention that its healthier than driving a car everywhere. Walking also prevents physical atrophy brought on by living a sedentary lifestyle like sitting on your butt all day everyday being lazy plus, it prevents weight gain. Case in point, I've always been a skinny guy and I'll be until the day I die; I weigh between 130-141 lbs and I'm 32 years old. Personally, I like walking where I want to go because it gives me a sense of independence not to mention that there are some things that you can only see if you were on foot. On the healthier side of the news, on my 32nd birthday, and even before that, I walked up to Game Stop and Disk Replay on U.S. 30 to look into buying video games which I always did. Now, from my house on 50th & Madison to U.S 30 is 7 miles to the south. I walked that long distance because of the fact that it grants me time to think about things, and I don't have to watch anyone else's butt while I'm hiking invincibly in and out of traffic. Walking grants me freedom to get where I want to go when I want to go but ultimately, its the second best way to get where you're going when you don't want to waste time waiting on anyone. Another example, when I'm at some places where there's an elevator and stairs, I always take the stairs because its healthy; plus elevators make people lazy. Take the elevator when its necessary to do so like if you're hauling some cargo of some sort but take the stairs, and get some exercise. Here's a hint: There's a less likely chance of a person getting stuck in a stairwell than it is on an elevator. Think about it.


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