History of the Colorful Festival of Holi (होली एक रंगो का त्यौहार)

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The Colorful Festival of Holi, (रंगो का त्यौहार- होली), signifies the triumph of good over evil, exemplary by the burning and defeat of the evil female demon, Holika (होलिका). Facilitated by an utmost devotion to the Hindu god of preservation, Lord Vishnu (विष्णु भगवान्).

The History Behind the Holi Festival

Legend has it that "Holi", the name itself emanates from the evil female demon, Holika, the sister of demon king, Hiranyakasipu (हिरण्‍यकशिपु). The latter having gained powers of not getting destructed, pictured himself as the greatest of all and demanded to be worshiped by all. However, Prahlada (प्रहलाद), the demon kings' own son, still opted to sustain his faith in the almighty Lord Vishnu. This angered his father and the evil aunt, Holika, wherein the latter while attempting to burn the noble devotee in fire, got herself destructed as her protective armor, a shawl, magically flew from her body and caressed the noble soul of Prahlada. Resultant to this event, Holika died and Hiranyakasipu was later killed by the Lord Vishnu himself.

The events that transpired later to those discussed above, and still relevant to the festival of colors, include the significance of the holiest love stories of all times, between Radha (राधा), the goddess of Shakti (शक्ति) and the great deity, Lord Krishna (कृष्णा). Legend also has it, that Lord Krishna was targeted by the demon Putana who fed the baby Krishna with her poisonous breast milk, turning his skin dark blue in color. This leaves a question in the mind of Krishna that would Radha and other females like him or not. So, Krishna as advised by his mother, goes to Radha and colors her face in different forms to equate the resemblance. This led to the epic love bonding between Radha and Krishna, and the multicolored playfulness between the holy couple is since then reminisced as the festival of Holi.


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A good basic explanation oh the festival of Holi. Sounds fun.

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