Holi-The festival of colors

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An Indian festival is the festive occasion. Children dress up in their and woman make eloborate preparation to celebrate the occasion. Festivals come every now and then. The most important indian festivals are Dewali, Dusshera, Holi and Raksha bandhan. Diwali is infact the most important of all festivals.

Holi- The festival of colors

It is found celebrated with great pomp and show throughout the world, The houses, shops and streets in India are glittered with multi colored lights.
The holi is the most prominent festivals of the Hindus. It is seasonal festival that marks the end of winter.

Holi is divided as...

In India each and every festival has its own meaning and importance. For example-shivrathri marks the beginning of summer, shravana-autumn and so on. This festival which I'm talking about is enjoyed by all aged people. There are 2 days attributed to holi. They are known as "chotti holi" and "dulhandi"
During chotti holi, ladies and children dress up their best and go to worship a big pile of fire wood. They throw rice and burn the incense in it. Then at night at the auspicious hour this heap of fire is set on fire. And then everyone greet each other. On this day, old enmities are believed to be burnt along with the fire.
Whereas in Dulhandi, the color festival begins. Various theories warp around this festival. Some say that holi is commemorated in honor of lord krishna who killed a cruel demon on this day and filled the life of people with estacy. Others are of the view that it is celebrated in honor of Prahlad a great devotee of the supreme god.

Main story binding holi

The main story behind this festival is that Prahlad's father Hirnayakush who was the king regarded himself greater than god. But prahlad did not like his father's cruelty and went on worshiping god despite being tortured by his father. Hirnayakush once tied his son to a burning pillar. Out of which "narasingh" god appeared and killed his atheist father. Since then this day is celebrated by playing with colors.

This is how it goes on all over..

In villages , towns and cities Holi is celebrated by all those who express their joy by singing folk songs and dancing to the beats of the local drums. Before noon people come out of their houses in groups.They have gulal in their hands and smear it on each other. The children get ready with toy syringes and buckets full of colored water. They throw it on each other-the pedestrians, relatives, friends, etc. In the noon delicious feasts are ready .
Some people spoil the festival by getting high on liquor and throwing mud and dust on others. Such acts irritate other people. On this day young people make their friends sit on donkeys and recite poems in a funny manner. They tie strings of shoes round theirs necks. Thus everybody are seen in jolly mood. This is one of the most colourful festival in India.


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