Holiday Seasons and Great Ideas On Gift-Giving

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It seems to me as if the year 2012 just started, but September is almost over and in just a few months, we’re starting another year. Holidays are coming soon and most of us think of gift-giving. This article talks about the upcoming holidays and ideas where to find gift items that are sometimes hard to find in stores.

The Last Quarter of the Year

We are now in the last quarter of the year. Holidays are just around the corner. While some people are busy preparing for Halloween, some are already thinking of Christmas, making list of gift items they need to buy for their loved ones. Sometimes it is difficult to find the gifts for certain people especially during the holiday rushes. Department stores become so busy and crowded. It also becomes very frustrating to find out that what we have on our gift list is out of stock due to the large volume of customers who are buying the same item we want. There are some alternatives to avoid this type of problem. One is to consider going to holiday bazaars organized by schools and churches in our communities. Another one is to try making handcrafted items and personalize them. If you enjoy cooking or baking, try preparing one of your best recipes. Your friends and families will surely love them.

Holiday Bazaars

If you have not been to any bazaar, try visiting one or two and see if you can find something that would appeal to you. Compare your experience going to a bazaar and shopping in the mall. You should be able to differentiate which one is better in terms of your schedule and budget. This time of the year, Christmas bazaars are already being organized in schools and churches. Items you can find are mostly home made. If the bazaar is a big one, you can expect to find things like home decors, wood crafts, woven and knitted items, stuffed toys, fabric and paper arts, home cooked pies and desserts, jewelry, clothes, and other items that are unique and rare to find. Most bazaars have raffle tickets that they sell or sometimes they give away to customers. Vendors usually donate raffle prizes, which are being drawn every hour. Big prizes are normally drawn just before the bazaar is over. Aside from this, there could also be entertainments where students in very nice costumes perform by singing Christmas carols or by dancing. There are bazaars going on almost every weekend starting last week of October. So, if you think this is something interesting, check your community calendar for bazaars in your area. Not only would you enjoy going there, you would also help the schools and churches raise funds for their future projects.

Do-It-Yourself Gift Items

If you have an artistic talent and enjoy doing handicrafts, you can create things yourself and personalize them. Your loved ones will surely appreciate the hard work you exert making those things. You can design your own or refer to internet websites for free Do-It-Yourself project instructions. There are so many gift project ideas to choose from, which would not cost you too much for the materials. From time to time, newspapers have discount coupon inserts that can be used when you go to stores. There are also holiday sales going on once in a while. You can also go to Dollar Store or any thrift stores that sell items in very affordable prices. I am very fond of doing craft projects and have created many things like jewelry, paper crafts, and clay bears, which I have given away as gifts. I always do craft works as a form of hobby and enjoyment. So, start discovering your hidden talents now and put them to work. You will enjoy doing so.

Baked Goods and Desserts

If you love to bake or make desserts, and your loved ones enjoy eating, this is your chance to let them taste the product of your best recipe. Baked goods such as pies and cookies, or desserts such as candies and chocolates would be very much appreciated. If you prefer the latter, you can prepare a big batch at one time, then divide them into smaller shares. Place them in containers and decorate them in festive and colorful wrappers and ribbons. You can choose to put them under the tree or make them as stocking stuffers. Everyone will appreciate not only the gift, but also the special thought that comes with it. Start planning now.

Other Gift Ideas

Gift-giving is not only demonstrated by giving material things. It can also be shown by doing something for someone who needs it. If you are a person who possesses the ability to do repairs or running errands, doing so would be a nice gift that would really be appreciated. There are some people who need help in repairing a furniture or household appliances. If you are able to do the repair needed, that would be a great gift. Washing a family member's car would be another good option. Whatever you can do for someone is a gift enough, and a great act of love and good deed.

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Just wonderful ideas I tell ya. You make me want to go get my Christmas tree and put it up.LOL
A well done page! As always, thank you for sharing.:)

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Thanks, hon Tess, for ushering in the holiday feeling and great ideas on gift-giving.

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