Horoscope Monthly April 2011 : Libra

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I could not hold and combines one after the other, especially not be able to hold her tongue, and this will result in many situations to be solved! You are a little exaggerated when you put something in his head!

Love : Libra April 2011

You will be very passionate in this period and this will be recognized if not always able to express yourself the way you want, a bit out of fear and a bit to shame. You have much shame when you’re in public so do not ever flirt excessively or provocative and makes you honor!

The people who will have the opportunity to know you will be very affected by the charm and will be able to adopt a plus for you when you would like to venture a little More, and maybe invite them out for coffee. If you are interesting and you are single there would be other reasons to cite!

The couples will be a little stormy due to normal differences of opinion, not only due to the everyday but also the way to externalize the feelings, not only personally but perhaps also to their children. There may also be the unspoken words of hindering the peace married!

The important thing is in these moments, do not indulge in unkind utterances of which I repent now and that may unnecessarily get away from the partner, maybe getting close to someone else. Since you’re able to shun the temptations, show the same even now!

Job : Libra April 2011

Instead of engaging in useless arguments with colleagues who clearly have some deficiencies at the professional level and that you can not claim to fill, you should try your best to impress those who are above them and can give you satisfaction.

Whether it is the leader, the leaders, managers or customers do not care, As-the will be necessary for them to recognize your commitment and your talent. In fact, if you have even tried hard to get where you are now, can not close our eyes, even if you did not have to be especially nice!

Try to propose new targets, perhaps even trivial, but they can calm the waters at the time of your most turbulent and then leave at the end of the month, with the most brilliant idea of all, while others were sleeping or relaxed. Both the serious competition are always present, but you are interested in eliminating the superfluous!

Health : Libra April 2011

Health wavers of the time but everything will depend on how you take care of yourself. Often you are too careful, while others remained to watch the passage of time and that leaves its marks. You know well what are your weaknesses, and prevent, to help them get away with more cautions and some sacrifice more, especially for the food and confectionery!


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