Horoscope Monthly April 2011 : Scorpio

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New in sight but only for the more daring ones who will not be afraid of the face certainly some discussion with your family or your partner, especially if what you want to achieve is a general improvement in the situation of all!

Love : Scorpio April 2011

Ups and downs in love, that will change depending on your predisposition of mind. If you are willing to fight for the person you love or that you like, then you'll also have moments all the stars, otherwise consider yourself lucky if you manage to snatch one smile!
The more daring guys who will not be afraid to get involved, will get their teeth, but after a long battle finally managed to get what they have longed for! The single will be strangely hardened the most determined and those that will have better luck and maybe even find true love!
Never lose heart when there are problems to be addressed within the couple, because if one gives up, sooner or later it will sell the other and what will come of it is just a mess. So married couples or those living together should pay much attention upon the everyday things that can not get on your knees!
Jealousy always has its paw evil, but you can also fight this now that you are able to take responsibility for certain things, in fact, being almost obsessive jealous! You want to be left free, but not allow others to be and this is not very fair!

Job : Scorpio April 2011

All the energy you have saved in these months would be good to use them now, not because you need it, but because in this way be able to grasp the many opportunities that gravitate to the starry sky on your lucky stars! Try to put aside your pessimism for other times.
If you have a project to start, this would indeed be the right timing. Begin to lay the foundation, even slowly, take it easy and you will see that there are many ideas in mind that would like to achieve with the main one and that's good because it's always better to think big!
Always use the utmost care in what you do, because even if your boss will let you proceed, it is said you do not control your every move and that eventually could give you a raise or demerit of note. I have always been special because of their importance when you have time to heal!

Health : Scorpio April 2011

Splendid health, beautiful shape, so do not dare to say that if you continue so you will not hardly need to get in shape for summer. Almost means that you should still think about it and do some jog every now and then. Eating healthy is also needed for your delicate stomach, so everything will take you to hold the line!

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7th Apr 2011 (#)

I was thinking about the near future and if things will get better for me. My birthday is 10-29-1967

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