Horoscope Monthly April 2011: Capricorn

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Will certainly have to struggle a bit ‘this month but due to the contrast between the two strongest planets, Mars and Venus, everything is made more interesting and you certainly do not bore you with such a sky that is longing to some of your move!

Love : Capricorn April 2011

Always try to keep a certain behavior because you hate showing off and also make the scene, but this month will be very hard to keep you within your own limits and the banks will necessarily be broken every now and then to come out a bit of your character All pepper!
People who love you sometimes you pay, but sometimes just can not, perhaps driven by pride or a lack of patience, the fact is that to win back their confidence or to make peace it will take much longer than usual and you can not sometimes not humiliate you!
Will serve as a lesson when they happen the same issues, because your character is sometimes strange and incomprehensible to those who try to stay there next and ends inexorably to grow impatient. You should understand that a little is your fault or that gesture is not easy for anyone!
In short you have to decide what you want from your relationship and partner. Once this does not mean they can not accommodate you, but if you do not remedy your moons, continuous at all to go from top to bottom and you will always have to fight!

Job : Capricorn April 2011

First, this month you will have to solve your financial issues, perhaps related to unpaid bills, insurance expired, protested checks and so on, as the economic factor is always a scab, but must be able to get in this jungle!
Apart from that a bit problematic, you will find in your work good opportunities to challenge yourself and groped new roads, maybe not even jokes that could take your career to the next level, but what would you be doing something completely new compared to what you did before!
There can be no limits to your creativity in this case, while there may be in the case of recklessness. Remember that the motion is different from imprudent genius, the key feature is the fact that you have high efficiency with which managed to avoid many blunders!

Health : Capricorn April 2011

Health very responsive to your needs, then all stimuli are received and given that you want to do this and overdo it, you could also opt for a diet plan or a jogging iron. If you do not need direct then it means you’re health conscious, and if you are health conscious means that you eat little meat. This is bad!

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