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One of the things that I have done over the years is compile my own personal rock music favourites of all time - this is the first time that I have shared some of these selections of classics in public. These are some great pieces and I hope you enjoy listening and reading my thoughts about each piece.

Graveyard horror - I'll do anything for Love

Whilst the selection of the music was by a set of random numbers from my own top 1000 tracks of all time, It is quite appropriate that the first selection comes from an artist that likes to defy convention and challenge the mind both musically and in the videos that he generated, he likes to be seen as the bad boy of the rock era, yet this track has powerful words that go right to the heart and should be important to everyone.

Number 16 -Meatloaf I'll do anything for love (but I won't do that)

Whilst Meatloaf is noted for the "Bat Out of Hell" album trilogy I have always regarded this track (from Bat out of Hell II) as one of his greatest works and it ranks as number sixteen in my personal all-time music chart, which I think also defies convention so it is appropriate to start right here, on a musical journey that I hope you will enjoy over the course of a few articles.

The motor cycle being chased by a cop car through the graveyard that starts the video gives us a high revving tempo that is right for this track, and throughout Meatloaf is spooky yet through it he is just like you and I - having the same types of hopes and dreams - "some days it don't come easy" and appealing to the god of "sex and drugs and rock and roll" but ultimately you had better believe it he will do anything for love.

As with the majority of my selections it is the album track that gives much more than the original single that raced up the charts and it is only this track that gives the answer to what he won't do in the final few words

Tears in Heaven

This particular track represents a completely new direction and will probably bring a tear to your eye for another reason and comes from one of the greatest rock artists of all time, this is Eric Clapton, who has been a powerful influence on many artists over the past 50 years, Clapton is reputed to have written this track about his 4-year-old son Conor, who died when he fell out of a window in the apartment where his mother was staying in New York City.

995 - Eric Clapton Tear in Heaven

While Clapton sings this song as a solo, released in 1991 it has many of the timeless qualities of some of the earlier work released back in the 60s and 70s, leaning heavy on the acoustic guitar and having very little other musical accompaniment in the early part of the track. This comes in at number 995 on my all time chart.

Loving in Your Eyes

This record also represents a leap in another direction. The artist who sang this was advised by other musicians on the London music scene not to sing this track and it has been derided by some people as trash from the 1980s yet in truth I would prefer to include such "trash" in my collection than much of the trash from the 2000s and current decade which have very little style. Certainly style changes over the years but I will have to say that I like this little bit of trash and as the artist frequented some of the same clubs as I went to it brings back some good memories of an era we cannot recapture in anything but the music.

34 Culture Club Karma Chameleon

I love the use of period dress in this video and as Boy George says "life would be easy if you like my dream" I like the Mississippi cruise used in the video, even if it is not very realistic of the 1870 period as the picture proclaims, but it is meant as a fun record, a mood definately portrayed here.

Its Just Like Rock and Roll

For some artists the flames burned short and sweet, and this is certainly the case for T-Rex lead singer Marc Bolan, he comes from the same neighbourhood that I spent my earliest years, Stoke Newington, in North London and for him the guitar was an essential part of life, although for some time he was also a clothing model.

537 - T-Rex 20th Century Boy

I guess the 1970s were the beginning of the end of the 20th Century although we probably did not think about that at the time - the reason this strikes a chord is because for my friends and I this used to be a way we could show we were modern it was about being different in school by liking rock and roll although I was quite young at the time.

I think that any Love is Good Love

Another record from the same era as T-Rex this track hails from 1974 by what I thought to be a little known Canadian band, because growing up in Britain this was about the only thing they did that crossed the Atlantic, I remember seeing this played on the BBC chart and weekly music programme, "Top of The Pops" which was the staple diet on Thursday nights for pop watchers in Britain

616 - Bachman Turner Overdrive You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet.

For me this was a one hit wonder because I never heard of this band again... until that is I moved to Canada to live and found a rock music station in Toronto (Q 107) that played several of their tracks. It was while listening to this station that I heard another Canadian track that I include here as a bonus track by The Tragically Hip and "Bobcaygeon" which ironically is one of the first towns we visited here in Canada, this record is not on my Top 1000 although it deserves to be. This song is loaded with Toronto Music scene references including some words from some band that played the clubs.

Section image by Jeremy Halpin.

Imagine there's No Heaven

This is one of those tracks that I remember because of being in Liverpool the day John Lennon was killed and being woken by the clock-radio alarm soon after 5am (which coincidentally was soon after midnight in New York) and hearing music on City Radio the local independent radio station which was John Lennon, The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, the thought I had - what has happened? It was minutes later that the DJ announced that John Lennon had been murdered outside his apartment building.

7 - John Lennon Imagine

I think of this song that wishes peace on the world and you may say I am a dreamer but I know the day the world lost John Lennon we lost a great mind, an exeptional thinker, dreamer, and artist whose like we shall never see again, I stood that evening on the car park that had once housed the Cavern Club, where The Beatles had started the rise to fame and fortune with what seemed like half the population of Liverpool an that sad evening.

I would not exchange that experience for anything and I will remember that time till I die - notably Imagine was Number 1 again by the next week.

Took a Whole lot of Lovin'

"Took a whole lot of lovin' for a whole lot of nothing" is is no wonder this young lady is all cried out on her debut album release in 1984. This is a story of broken love, the man walking out one time too many on his lady - this is a British song that I don't believe ever crossed the Atlantic and it is possible that my American and Canadian friends have never heard this track before.

160 - Alison Moyet All Cried Out

Of course the great thing about YouTube is that it puts anybody in touch with any video in the world and there are some truly brilliant pop or rock videos. From the placing of the coffee by the waiter the lady knows the direction in which she is going, and it shows how people can change their minds, and that is not surprising when she took a whole lot of nothing - that classic tale of moving on.

We were Broken Down - Being on the Bottom Line

In talking about a world that had completely broken down where the worst had ha[ened - it had all come crashing down. If you think about it there is only one direction to go in for Yazz and the Plastic Population. I found this to be a very positive and uplifting song

307 - Yazz The Only Way is Up

This coming at the end of the 80s when there were certainly some people that felt they had had enough of being under the thumb of a world that didn't seem to care, I love the use of the trumpet in parts of this song it is quite striking, but as a drummer I have to say my pet hate is the electric drums used across the track, but I will forgive her for that if she will give me the red and green leather jacket.

Another one that I do not believe crossed west over the Atlantic.

From my personal top 1000

You have just experienced a sneak peek inside what has been a work of love. This exercise started because I was discussing an All-Time Top 500 list produced by a local radio station in London, and how the list had suddenly changed from classics to modern trash and he suggested we need to create our personal all-time chart, this has been an on-going project over a number of years and today still has a few slots vacant on the list.

The following are some of the more recent articles that I have published on a variety of topics.

Each person has a unique voice and Wikinut is great a place for you to share some of your wisdom, insight and knowledge, you could start by adding a comment, but perhaps you need something more in which case should join Wikinut, write then become connected to others who share a passion for writing, supporting one another, and learning on Wikinut.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
8th Aug 2014 (#)

I think the '80's was the decade when most of the best (newer) music has been produced. Great music list.

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author avatar Mariah
9th Aug 2014 (#)

This is a treat...top choices in the music videos, you get my vote for good taste in music Peter.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
9th Aug 2014 (#)

Thank you - I will add some more articles on this in time.

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author avatar Etc.
9th Aug 2014 (#)

I'm always impressed with someone knows so very much about something I know so very little about.

Reply to this comment

author avatar Peter B. Giblett
9th Aug 2014 (#)

It is not so much about knowing anything, except what you like and truth is you can be as good as ne at that.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
9th Aug 2014 (#)

Love Meatloaf. Guy can't sing, but writes great lyrics and has great passion.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
9th Aug 2014 (#)

Very true Phyl

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author avatar Retired
9th Aug 2014 (#)

This is wonderful, Peter! Haven't thought about Meat Loaf and Boy George in ages. And I'm mad about Eric Clapton. Really enjoyed listening to the ones I haven't heard before. What a treat! Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
9th Aug 2014 (#)

yes it is wonderful...thank you...

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author avatar Retired
9th Aug 2014 (#)

We share almost the very same favorites list! "Tears In Heaven" will ALWAYS bring tears to my eyes...

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author avatar Retired
22nd Aug 2014 (#)

Your taste in music matches mine I think. 70's and 80's rock still rocks! I think my all-time favourite album has to be "Selling England By The Pound" by Genesis.

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