Houseplants That Pose Danger to Kids and Pets

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Indoor plants are good to have. They provide us oxygen and beautify the home. However, there are some plants that can be toxic to children and pets.

Dangerous House Plants

We know for a fact that plants are beneficial inside and outside the house. Aside from its aesthetic value, plants give us fresh supply of oxygen. There are some plants, however, that can make children and pets ill if accidentally chewed. The plants, left by themselves are not dangerous as long as these are not ingested. The more common variety of houseplants that can be dangerous if taken internally are dieffenbachia, philodendron, pothos, shamrock, and the sap of poinsettia.

Out in the garden, laburnum, daphne, autumn crocus, and the leaves of the rhubarb plant, can be poisonous. When preparing rhubarb stalks, always discard the leaves. They, as well as philodendron, dieffenbachia, and shamrocks contain oxalic acid, which, if ingested, can lead to severe kidney damage. The poinsettia has been overly maligned lately. It is actually not as dangerous as many believe. There is a sap that can be found on broken leaves and stems of the poinsettias, which can cause minor skin irritation, but its effects are relatively mild. For more information on dangerous plants, contact your local poison control center. They have extensive information. It would also help to ask botanists and horticulturists about a plant you intend to acquire or have already acquired in your home.

If you already have these in your house, place these plants out of your children’s or pet’s reach.

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