How Budgeting Can Improve Your Life

Alexandra Heep By Alexandra Heep, 8th Aug 2010 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Empower yourself and find financial relief, regardless of your current situation.


When we hear the word "budgeting", most of us get worried. Why is that? We all have surely heard the financial news that we all need to have a budget. A lot of people think it is just okay to keep a budget in their head, spend money as they go, and when it's time for the next pay check do it all over again.

We know we probably spend more than we should, so we are afraid to actually sit down and do the budget on paper. Other people may think that budgets are only for people who are buying a house, or who are on the verge of bankruptcy. However, keep in mind you eventually will have to deal with your finances - regardless of your situation.

Let's focus on some of the rewards that following a budget can give you, and hopefully you will make the decision to sit down and construct your financial plan. If you think you don't make enough money, ask yourself: Are there people around me with less income than I am? Of course there are, you will always find someone that has less or makes less than you do.

Instead of following a mindset that you will never have enough and comparing yourself with the neighbor down the street that seemingly has more and nicer possessions than you do, focus on yourself. A budget works with your income, not someone else's.

Once you realize you do make enough, ask yourself if you have any savings, and if so, how much you could add on. That alone should motivate you to compose a plan for your resources and see where you can stop spending and set some money aside.

If that alone is not enough to motivate you, think of something that you have really wanted, but always said you did not have enough money for. Maybe you want a nice vacation. Ask yourself how much that vacation costs. Now think of all the money you spend on non-essential things every month, like eating out because it's convenient, new clothes or new shoes because they are on sale, etc.

Write that amount down. Now see how many months of eliminating those things it would take to reach that financial goal. You will see that you could have reached that goal a long time ago in your life, if you just would have set that money aside that you spent on non-consequential purchases.

By now you will probably be ready to sit down and look at this budgeting issue in a new light. If you can see how quickly you can save up for something you truly desire, you might be curious to see what else in your spending you could eliminate.

Start by listing your most important expenses first, like your mortgage or rent. Follow with the utility bills, grocery expenses, etc. Don't cheat yourself and underestimate amounts for items like clothing etc. Overestimate at first, because your mind will still try to trick you that you really don't spend that much.

Use receipts if you can. If you find out that this way your expenses total more than your income, don't panic. Take off an equal percentage of all non-essentials until you come in lower than your income. That is the budget you will need to follow.

Once you get started, it will become easier. You will feel accomplished and more in control. We know in the backs of our minds that if an emergency were to arise we would be unprepared without budgeting and saving. That is what keeps a lot of us from starting a budget in the first place.

One of the biggest improvements we can make in our lives by following a budget is to be prepared for emergencies and unforeseen circumstances. In addition, being in control is a big reward of financial planning; so is also the feeling of relief and empowerment.


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author avatar j.m. raymond
21st Aug 2010 (#)

But, budgeting is so hard!! Good tips.

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author avatar constance
14th May 2012 (#)

I enjoy budgeting so much. I try to live rugal at times I really enjoy it. It takes time and I'm going to have me a peice of money saved every month.

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