How Human Civilization is Downgraded

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On the way, the humanity, in general, seems to have forgotten about these seeds, but some human minds still carry and preserve these seeds for humanity when it would need these most and realize their necessity like never before.


Dignity of human existence and labor were the most cherished goals of our ancestors for the humans having the most advanced intellectual faculties of all species of life on the Earth. Through these faculties, concept of management of things for advancing human civilization was envisaged that included division of labor and barter deals for sharing each other’s productivity. The idea behind this management was to end exploitation of the weak by the strong with spirits of individualism and cooperation. Surprisingly, this type of management has not been adopted by any other species of life wherein exploitation is still rampant.
Unfortunately, modern management techniques of humanity also talk of exploitation and competition for maximizing gains of strong at the cost to the weak. With this notion, the spirits of individual values and cooperation are forgotten by our modern managers.


To pull humanity out of other species of life on the Earth, we began organizing and developing people locally without ruling over them as the first human ideology to make them different from other species of life on the Earth. The first few steps were of settling along river banks through building brick and mortar houses, cultivating land to grow foods, breeding goats and sheep for milk, mining and exploring seas for gems and jewels, treating soil, water, air, fire and space – the five elements of Nature, with dignity, developing languages for intended communications, etc.
The idea behind all these exercises was to make every person to have sufficient to satisfy his/her needs, yet everything around self-sustaining to remain supportive to life on the Earth. For achieving this, cooperation in between local persons, peoples from different places is essential which we achieved. Those who came along with us flourished physically and psychologically, but those remaining aloof from our efforts maintained themselves as wild wandering races. These wild races being habitual of hunting, attacked us, looted us and ultimately established their rule over us through their physical might. They became our masters and exploiters of our hard work. The seed of cooperation was thus smashed.
The so-called advancements are now preaching that competition is the cause of progress of humanity, thus eradicating whatever cooperation is left over in human minds of today.


Our ancestors began keeping records of development events, preserved them and handed them over to later generations as human history for learning lessons from experiences of the past. These records are now revered as scriptures but not cared for understanding their contents and intentions.
In the mean time, some enemies of humanity created false stories and entered them into scriptures as mythologies, for believing by people without reasoning or questioning. These false stories have overshadowed our historical records and what we know out of our scriptures are just these falsehoods called mythologies. As a result, we are missing our real history and are misguided into falsehoods. These falsehoods have been about God, religions, spirituality, astrology, past and previous births, ghosts, super-consciousness, etc. which, in reality, are nothing but business tools of anti-humanity people spread all over the globe.
One should not be surprised if he/she find close links between wild races of ancient times and these businesspersons of divine imaginations.


There was a time, not very long ago, when women were the objects of lust of the mighty and hence causes of wars. We introduced institution of marriage for providing security and dignity to women as mothers of humanity based on the natural fact of one man can truly love one woman only. Even this pious design of ours was foiled by the wild races exploiting and ruling over us. Krishna, a so-called Indian God, is said to have 1,16,108 women for himself. Indeed, he declared all the women on Indian sub-continent then as his wives and asked his devotees to pick up any in his name and have sexual gratification. About 3 centuries back only, Islamic rulers of India used to have thousands of women in their harems through picking up any woman they liked.
Even in the free world of today, piousness of womanhood is being endangered by women’s liberation movement, gay and lesbian cultures, open relationships, etc. – all in the name of love games. Unwed and single mothers, divorces and remarriages, etc. are all insulting to womanhood


The greatest crop of these seeds has been the written languages, humanity has been using for communications in between persons at a time, and also from persons of historical times through written words from them. The basic fact of all the languages developed in ancient times has been harmony of sounds of words with their intended senses, making communications easily understandable.
Firstly, we lost this harmony of sounds and senses, then we distracted our attention from learning and using languages in their disciplined ways. With the Internet communications, all barriers of linguistic discipline have been demolished. With poor knowledge of languages, we are back at using body language more often like other animals have been doing.


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author avatar brendamarie
9th Jul 2015 (#)

Very interesting as always. I love to read your work.

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author avatar Ram Bansal
9th Jul 2015 (#)

@brendamarie, thanks my dear, for the compliment. Your work tioo is of high quality.

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author avatar M G Singh
9th Jul 2015 (#)

Interesting, but a complex subject.

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