How I went from 12 to 598 Blog views a day (in less than a week)

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How to dramatically increase your blog views with one free and simple step.

How I went from 12 to 598 Blog views a day (in less than a week)

I recently started a blog entitled 101 Things to Do in Your City - with lists of 101 things to do in various cities in Canada and The U.S. as well as some general lists such as 101 Christmas Traditions and Activities.

I began the blog at the end of November (just a little over 2 and half months ago) and was seeing about an average of 8 hits a day, 30 if I tweeted key words like major cities or current holidays. At Christmas I was ecstatic when one of my posts 101 Christmas Traditions and Activities was pinned (and not even by myself) but unfortunately it only had 5 repins - yet much better than nothing.

Change the Image to Increase Views

I created a similar themed post entitled 101 Valentine's Day Activities and pinned it to one of my boards and it was repinned 141 times and counting and a few of my other posts are getting a few repins now too. I think the reason for this drastic difference as the two posts are quite similar is the image associated with the posts, for my Christmas Activities I used a simple green background whereas for the Valentine's Day post I used a collection of images from within the post.

Pinterest - a Great Source of Views

My views for the article peaked at 1050 for one day and has my daily views for the blog had now settled between 200 - 300 views a day. I probably receive 98% of my traffic from Pinterest and the rest from search engines.

Pinterest is a great way to get views to your blog but it is quite daunting if no one repins your post so there are a few things to consider - create an image with a title of the post and one (or preferably a collection) of images. Certain times of day are better for posting on Pinterest - they say before and after work are peak times as well as in the evening around 10pm however I am not sure which time zone they based their stats on. You can also look at when you receive the highest amount of readers from your google analytics.

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Check out the other images I had designed for Pinterest on my blog 101 Things to Do...

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
7th May 2013 (#)

Yes, for Wikinut users, when you have the larger images those are the ones that can be added to Pinterest, but remember to use either your own pictures or ones that are legal to use - Bing and Google images are usually NOT legal to use on your articles.

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author avatar Arielqiao
7th May 2013 (#)

I also pin most of my aticles in Pinterest, but it onle gets a few traffic for me. :(

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author avatar KristenAnne
7th May 2013 (#)

Certain subjects like recipes and crafts thrive on pinterest while others do not. I am also fortunate that I have been invited to a group board so that I can get more visibility for my pins.

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author avatar femalemlls9
21st Jun 2013 (#)


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