How To Amend Soil That Is Mostly Sandy In Consistency

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Garden soil that is sandy can be repaired with a little effort

Organic matter helps

Very few gardeners are fortunate enough to possess a garden that has "perfect" soil, and an individual that has to amend soil that is mostly sandy in consistency is in for a moderate amount of work to correct the situation. Soil that is mostly sandy in consistency has a number of issues that are problematic to creating a healthy garden, among them are excessive drainage that can leave plants wilted from lack of water and soil that is nutrition deficient. While there are a few different ways to amend sandy soil the best by far is to introduce matter that is organic in nature into the sandy soil in order to create a more healthy environment in which most plants can thrive.

One of the major problems with soil that is mostly sandy in consistency is that the soil becomes hard and compacted, crushing plant roots and preventing good root growth and expansion. When this is added to the fact that sandy soil drains so quickly, very few plants have the ability to survive such harsh and unfavorable conditions. This can be remedied rather easily by infusing sandy soil with ordinary peat moss, which immediately helps amend soil that is mostly sandy in consistency because of it's ability to absorb and retain water. The addition of peat moss can also provide matter into the sandy soil that can serve as a buffer to prevent the sandy soil components from compacting so tightly.

To amend soil that is mostly sandy in consistency from a nutritional perspective, nothing works quite as well as organic compost and a small amount of commercially purchase topsoil mixed together. It is important to assure that the compost and topsoil have been screened to create very fine particles so that they can be adequately combined with the sandy soil particles to make a good environment that plants can thrive in.

The simplest way in terms of technique to amend soil that is mostly sandy in consistency is to wait for a sunny day when the sandy soil is very dry. In a wheel barrow mix 3 parts compost, 1 part peat moss and 1 part topsoil, and then dump the mixture onto the sandy soil and work it into the ground to a depth of 12 inches using a garden hoe. This basic action should amend soil that is mostly sandy in consistency to a rich soil that is more than capable of supporting just about any plant type that a gardener desires.


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