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The ultimate human good is happiness. In a world that is wallowing in so much despair, more and more people are seeking happiness from external entities, whereas the real and authentic source of happiness is the internal environment.

Be True To Yourself

Happiness is universally defined as a feeling of pleasure. The greatest human good is happiness. Clearly, the primary motivation of all human endeavors is to attain a state of happiness, and to avoid pain.
Fundamentally, you need to cultivate the inner strength that finds expression in genuine spirituality. Spirituality will give you mental clarity and emotional balance, especially when you start to engage in the spiritual acts of meditation, self-analysis, and deep contemplation.
Self-analysis is the only authentic path to self-knowledge. A non-negotiable requirement for peace of mind is the resolution of inner conflicts. You must know, to the point of unerring exactitude, what values you stand for. It is when you know the values you hold dear that you will be in a position to assess what in your life does not quite resonate with your conscience. An overloaded conscience is a major source of inner conflict and stress. This is because, your conscience is the "police man" of your mind. When your behavior is incongruent with the values you actually hold dear, you cannot know peace, and happiness, naturally, will elude you.
In the ancient town of Delphi, in Greece, is an oracle that states:"Know Thyself!" Yet, the people of another culture express the same truth with a slight variance: "To thine own self, be true!"

Smile At Yourself In The Mirror

Start your day by smiling at yourself in the mirror. The more you smile at yourself, the better you will feel about yourself. Incredibly, the more you extend this warm gesture to others, genuinely smiling at them, the more positively fulfilling your social interactions will be.
You can, in fact, take this a step further by reinforcing your feelings of happiness using affirmations. Affirmations are statements of the reality you wish for yourself. Still standing in front of your mirror, say a simple affirmation like: "Every day, in every way, I am more powerful, confident, healthy and happy." Repeat this loudly to yourself, as many times as you possibly can, while smiling happily to yourself in the mirror. Do not be lulled into disbelief by the apparent simplicity of this exercise. It is very powerful indeed, and has been used by high-performing individuals for ages. Affirmations have the near-magical effect of programming your subconscious mind to execute the program you are feeding it. The amazing truth about the subconscious mind is that it cannot distinguish between truth and falsehood. So, you are better off feeding it with powerful truths which the subconscious will later use to orchestrate events that will manifest into your desired reality.This is the reason why words can either make or mar us. In fact, many parents have destroyed their child's destiny by addressing him with words that throw his self-esteem into the realm of the negative.

Knowledge Is Power

Contrary to popular belief, ignorance cannot be intelligently equated with bliss, nor can it be said to be an appealing attribute. Even if you are not currently receiving formal academic instruction, new knowledge, or the mastery of a new skill can only raise your self-esteem and make you feel better about yourself. Engage your creative inclinations. Remain open to
fresh ideas, innovative concepts and insightful knowledge at all times.
A closed mind makes a pitifully small package indeed. An open mind on all subjects, a natural fall out of the educated mind, is necessary for an all- round life of success. You should commit to a broad-based knowledge of the world you live in. If you feel inferior to others as a result of gross intellectual inadequacies, you cannot reasonably expect to be thrilled at the prospect of interactions with them. And, insofar as ultimate happiness and effectiveness is a sum total of all your interactions, your deficit in this area can do nothing but make you unhappy.

Collect People

Some people collect stamps as a hobby. Others collect coins. Start collecting people as your own hobby. Insist on making friends anywhere you go, and then nurture these relationships. In particular, nurture strong family relationships. It will bring you out of yourself, and allow you to reach out to others. Indeed, it is only because human relationships touch life in its deepest meaning that we are taught to love people, allowing us to satisfy life’s deepest desires.
To sustain healthy interpersonal relationships, however, you will have to be patient with the faults of others. It would help considerably if you remembered that others probably have to be patient with your own faults.

Serve Others

Service to humanity is the noblest way you can express your joy in living. Make it your mission to ease someone’s burden just a little, even if it’s just with a warm, happy smile. You just may be surprised to discover that your own perceived burdens are not, after all, so heavy. Service affords you the noble opportunity of helping others, while feeling good about doing so. In fact, you can count that day lost in which you have not done something good for another person. Come out of yourself, and reach out to others spontaneously. Approach your neighbor and offer to mow his lawn for him, for no fee. Stroll into the nearest church, and offer to clean the pews. Willingly vacate your seat for the elderly lady in the overcrowded bus. Pay the toll for the car coming after you. Offer a few words of soothing comfort to the overworked lady at the ticket counter at the train station.

Laugh At Yourself

Refuse to take yourself too seriously. Most people do not notice those imperfections that seem to bother you so much. The truth is, even when they do notice, most people are willing to overlook them, in much the same way they hope you will overlook theirs. No one thinks about you nearly as much as you think they do. Remember that your ability to laugh, is in itself, a great gift. Of all the living creatures on earth, only man can laugh. Actually, you are at your most comical when you take yourself too seriously. So, laugh at yourself, and your burdens will simply seem that much lighter. After all, the petty concerns of today will seem so foolish a few years ahead. When you laugh at yourself, and at your world, most issues will be reduced to their proper size.
Never become so important, or so wise and powerful, that you forget how to laugh at yourself and your world.

Insist On Being Well Dressed At All Times

Since others will assess you based on their first impressions of how you look, it is imperative that you select your clothing so that you’ll be treated as the intelligent, attractive person that you are. When you are conscious of just how good you look, you’ll be amazed at how people seem to gravitate towards your aura of magnetism, and the more they do, the more your self-esteem will take a well-needed boost, and the happier you will be.

Become A Reservoir Of Love And Goodwill

You cannot, however, love others without first loving yourself, and this means celebrating your strengths, while accepting those inadequacies which you are willing to work hard to improve upon. Do the same for the people around you, since to receive love, you must first give it. You will also need to need to develop love for all circumstances in which you find yourself, since it’s only by doing this that you can patiently and humbly accept the lessons that life sends your way to bring out the best in you.


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