How To Build An Outdoor Ferret Court

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An outdoor ferret court is a great place for your pet to play

It has to be secure

With the rise in popularity of what were once considered "exotic" pets such as ferrets, pet owners have become somewhat educated in the area of how to build an outdoor ferret court to aid in their pet's health and well-being. While a ferret can be an interesting pet, when a ferret becomes bored or does not receive an adequate amount of exercise it can easily turn it's attention to thought of escaping it's environment. An outdoor ferret court can provide the animal with ample space to socialize with any other ferrets in the home, as well as provide enough room to comfortably play in a natural setting.

To properly build an outdoor ferret court a pet owner must understand the purpose of what a ferret court truly is in concept. A ferret court is not supposed to be a full-time home for your ferret, but rather a temporary location to place your pet to get some exercise and sunlight. The idea is to place your ferret into the ferret court and to go about your business at home or in the yard while keeping a close eye on your pet.

The first step to build an outdoor ferret court is to first build a small "ferret house" which will provide the animal with shade and a place to lay while outside. This can be simply made in the configuration of a picnic pavilion, with a small box placed inside stuffed with clean rags to serve as a bed. The shelter itself need not be large, just big enough to accommodate two or three ferrets comfortably - about 5 feet by 5 feet and a height of about 4 feet is adequate. In one corner of the outdoor ferret court should be an area for the ferrets to relieve themselves, covered in sawdust or clay cat litter.

The next step to build an outdoor ferret court is to create a frame that chicken wire can be
attached to in order to contain the ferrets while they play. From the sides of the ferret house the frame should extend about 10 feet in length, with the chicken wire secured firmly to both sides and the top and a small gate at one end.

After the outdoor ferret court is complete a pet owner should add a few toys to give the animals something to promote exercise and play. Commercially purchased toys that are designed for small dogs or cats are perfect, and even a ferret that is the lone pet in the household can keep amused in the outdoor ferret court.


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