How To Buy A Perfect Android Mobile And Everything You Need To Know Before Buying It.

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Confused what to buy? Getting a word from this friend and that friend? Feel that savviness and techiness, how? just read along in this very informative page..

What is Anroid?

Android is the name of a operating system owned by Google.

There are several popular mobile operating system in market today, such as symbian (nokia n series, e series phones) , simple java operating system (most of the non android samsung, LG, LAVA, LEMON phones), Windows Operating System (non android HTC mobiles)

Why Android?

If you are wondering why should you buy an Android phone instead of all other options, here are some points for you to consider

  1. Android is by Google.
  2. If you know, Google is one of the strong company which is famous worldwide for its productivity and best customer service.
    So, an operating system by google means, LOT of development, investment and research in it. And it will be YOU ultimately who is going to get benefited with the evolution of android.

  3. Android is open source.
  4. Not going into much details, It is like, Google doesn't charge people extra for making applications and selling them on their platform(i.e. Android mobile)
    But what matters to a normal mobile user about this is, there will be PLENTY of applications because of Google`s this policy. So you will get the correct application for all your needs, and if it is not there, you can even built it and use it under your device freely!
    This is what that makes Android so special and different from crowd.

  5. No operating system other than Android can provide better sync. and integration with Google services.

  6. Google services like, gmail, maps, search, and many more are probably most used services than any other of their equivalent. And if you are also already using these service then your Android device can handle them in a seamless action which no other operating system can. This is because, Android is designed by Google itself.

  7. Best internet Experience
  8. If you buy correct handset, Android internet experience can be GREAT! .
    Android provides almost all high tech internet services running under its hood. Such as search by voice recognition, generating search results according to your current location automatically, synching your contacts with facebook completely.. and many such exiting features.

  9. Wide support.
  10. Even if you encounter some problem in the device, you no need to worry! Because Google is ready to provide excellent service.
    And as Google`s Android policy attracts almost any programmer, there is much probability to get the soultion.

  11. Applications! Applications!!
  12. Yes! Applications!. Applications are the heart of any operating system. You will certainly love a mobile which lets you find and install the application of your choice easily and flexibly, rather than one which has a very limited scope and development in applications.

    With the installation of correct applications, you are actually improving your phone`s productivity and it`s value to a next level

    For example, the bar code reader app reads the standard bar code on any appliances and then searches it on web for its specifications, with the help of which you can be reassured about the product you are buying. This is just an example, actual android market consist many of such applications.

  13. Regular and faithful updates
  14. Google provides regular and better updates to their operating system.
    Updates keeps the mobile running with current high end technology. And google Does this job excellently.

  15. Many good companies are producing Android devices
  16. Many good companies like Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung, HTC are producing quality Android devices which are power packed with lot of useful features such as GPS, Accelerometer, Motion Sensor etc..

  17. You make yourself future proof
  18. By buying an Android device, you make yourself future-proof, since Android is certainly going to evolve in a blast in future.

Things to Consider While Buying An Android Mobile Phone

Most important point. Ask yourself about your needs first. I will write some points to help you on this, this can help you to get to your correct mobile more easily.

    - As most of the android device are touch enabled, unless you are a key freak, the extra keyboard just adds to the more expansive.

  1. need of more megapixel camera
  2. Most of us own a decent Digital Camera , so if you not going to use your android mobile as a photo taking machine, you shouldn't focus on megapixels of camera of it.

  3. front side camera
  4. In most of the mobiles, this camera is absent, Since there was no application for video calling in android. But there is strong possibility to develop such application in near future.
    But considering this option will lower your device scope up to a considerable value. So according to me, you shouldn't focus on secodery cam

  5. color depth of mobile
  6. It is the ability of mobile to display the number of colors on this screen. It is usually enough higher which does not makes this an issue of concern

  7. Resolution
  8. This is one of the important parameters of any mobile. Resolution can be easily understood as 'Display Clarity' of that particular mobile phone and the depth in which the mobile can show certain images or video.
    The more the better.

  9. RAM
  10. RAM (Random Access Memory) is different than the memory of your SD CARD. RAM is used of the temporary storage of most used data for faster access to it, increasing the phone`s performance. RAM also comes into picture while multitasking (running several applications at one time )
    If you prefer multitasking, it is better to buy a mobile with higher RAM.
    Usually 512mb or 256 mb RAM is enough for a normal mobile phone user

  11. Processor Speed
  12. The Processor is heart of Android mobile, processor mainly defines the mobiles ability to perform some complex tasks such as high end 3D gaming efficiently. The more processing speed, the better.
    Usually, for normal mobile phone user, processing from 600MHz to 1000MHz is sufficient.

    There are Dual Core processor mobiles available also for those who demand high end performance. One of such mobiles is LG Optimus 2X.

  13. GPU> GPU stands for 'Graphics Processing Unit' . It is not essential but it is highly recommeded if you want to run high end games which require complex graphics to display. GPU can be visuallised as a video card or graphic card which we install in PC.

Important things you should consider and be known while buying.

  1. Mobile`s Internal memory capacity
  2. Yes! it matters in regard of applications. In older versions of android ( < 2.1 ) the applications will get installed on your phone memory only.

    But from android version (2.2), there is option of moving the app on SD card. but whether to give such option or not, depends on the app developer.
    So, In short, The more internal memory, the better.

  3. Mobile`s current android version and it`s further update.
  4. Most of the mobiles currently are already 2.1 and are updateble to 2.3 and higher.

    For update, there is a specific set of phone specifications determined by Google. But to provide such update is dependent on the company of which the handset is . You must check and verify that the mobile is atleaset updateable to 2.2, as it provides much wider application scope and move to SD option.

    It is to be noted that, though Google releases regular updates, the provision and distribution of them is totally dependent on vendor company.

  5. Mobile`s Battery life
  6. Since Android mobiles are HEAVY in regard of power consumption due to all high end services they provide, the rate at which battery drains is a little higher in android mobiles rather than average mobile.
    So, you must check whether the battery time is enough for you.

  7. As always, make sure the mobile phone`s box is properly sealed while buying the mobile.

Things and terms that you will encounter while doing searches

I am sure that you will search the net before buying the android mobile for yourself. While doing so, you will encounter some common terms which I will try to explain out it here, you can ask freely if something is missing here.

  1. Rooting/Rooted phone
  2. In technical terms, As android is based on linux kernel, and in linux root is the super access. This is similar to Administrator account in windows.

    Root access is also called su user. Where, su stands for "switch user"

    Rooting is a process done in android mobile with which following things happen
    i>You lose your warranty.
    ii>You gain exclusive access to mobile hardware and software. Which was restricted by the manufacturer company for the safety purpose
    iii>You put your device on the direct impact if there is any virus attack.
    iv>You gain ability to install custom ROMs
    v>You can move your apps to SD even in 2.1 version of android.

    according to me, you should really root your mobile unless you are a geek and you are really bored out of your usual mobile interface.

  3. Custom ROM
  4. this can be seen as base Android OS modified by persons like you and me.(who are not company vendors)
    When you buy a mobile, it comes with a android system modified slightly by the vendor company (i.e. LG, Samsung, etc )
    Custom rom means, some brilliant people made thier own modifications to base android operating system which can be installed on your mobile.
    The custom rom in a true sense, unleases power in your android device i.e. by overclocking, move to SD, live wallpapers(for those which mobiles do not support them etc etc )
    But for the installation of custom rom, you need to root your mobile first. And the installation process has its own dangers of bricking your phone.

  5. Bricking your mobile
  6. this means that, while installing some custom rom, or while rooting some thing has gone wrong seriously and your mobile is struck on boot.
    This situation is said to occur when your mobile is not functional anymore.
    The only solution against this is to get your mobile to company`s outlet for its repair. (which may or may not happen )

  7. Overclocking.
  8. Overclocking is related to process, power consumption , heat and speed.
    Mobile`s processor is set to work on certain clock frequency (e.g. 600MHz etc). The more the clock speed, faster the mobile is. This speed can be increased by rooting your phone. This is called as overclocking. Overclocking increases speed of your mobile but it increases its heating and battery consumption.

My own experience with Android

I own LG Optimus One (Unrooted), and Xperia L.
I love it! Nice mobiles. I haven't faced any serious problems till today( it passed 6 months).
The only problem I encounter sometimes is of the internal memory`s problem to the applications which do not have move to SD option.

Thanks to for image.


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I disliked it at first, but now I would definitely go for another android should funds ever allow. Thank you for the useful information.

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Surely, Jackalyn Ann :). Just dont go for any cheap brands. HTC, LG and Asus are best.

If you really need to try the Anroid at it's best, I would very strongly recommend Nexus devices from google.
you can find more about Nexus at
Thank you.

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