How To Change A Brake Light

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A burnt out car brake light can cause a terrible accident

It takes little more than a screwdriver

The brake lights on every automobile are an important component of safe operation that should not be regarded lightly in their ability to show other drivers of your intentions on the road. When brake lights fail they not only can be the source of a potential tragedy, but can often find a driver paying a $150 traffic ticket for an item that generally costs under $2 to replace. All of this of course is unnecessary simply because to change a brake light is a task that requires no great mechanical skill, rather just a few minutes of personal time and the most basic of tools. In any instance of a burnt out brake light replacement needs to be addressed quickly, before the worst case scenario has the chance to occur.

The first step to change a brake light is to determine the easiest route of access to the brake light bulb. On some cars the brake light can be accessed by unscrewing the brake light cover from the exterior of the car using nothing more than an ordinary screwdriver. On others, the brake light can be changed by removing the plastic cover inside of the car trunk and then pulling the brake light housing from the open area. In either instance, to replace a brake light you must be certain to obtain the correct brake light from your local parts store. In fact, a great way to change a brake light is to perform the repair in the parking lot of the auto parts store so that you can be certain the correct brake light has been purchased and is operating before heading for home.

Once the new brake light has been obtained and the brake light cover is removed, gently twist the old brake light and pull it from the electrical connection that holds it. This should be done carefully because the base of the old brake light may be corroded and might crack, leaving the metal base behind. After the old brake light has been removed take a few moments to check the electrical connections to the light housing and clean the electrical socket as best as you can using a small brush or cotton swab to remove dirt and rust. After this insert the new brake light and make sure it is secure, otherwise a bump in the road while driving may loosen the light and cause it to fail. When finished, replace the brake light cover and inspect the light to make certain it is working by having someone depress the brake pedal while you stand at the rear of the vehicle.


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