How To Come From Behind And Win

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There is a right way, and a wrong way to be in control of your life, and expecting everything to always go perfectly to plan is definitely a wrong way to take control of your life. Anyhow, some of the best victories are "come from behind" efforts that do not go to plan, but the definite goal is there in reality, so when the goal is reached even though it may not have went to plan, the goal is still achieved. This is a story of gratitude any way it may go as long as the goal is achieved.

Start thinking here:

In reality some of the greatest victories in sports, war, or anything involving winning a game of any kind are victories that do not go to plan. Start thinking here, and start thinking realistically. Some of the greatest victories are come from behind style victories that do not go to plan. So, this is going to be a unique kind of article that makes you think about the facts of life and how victory happens. Victory is like a flight plan, you may not get there exactly as you planned, but, with work, adjustment, and iron-grip control when things outside of the goal impinge, you will attain victory.

The only thing guaranteed to go to plan is the coming up with of the idea. Everything else will take what I said: work, adjustment, patience, understanding, tolerance, and iron grip control when things outside of the goal seem to impinge themselves as obstacles. Think about it, when all is said and done, there are not any real outer obstacles unless you look at the reflection in the mirror that wants to succeed "by the book" and wants everything to go to plan, but is disappointed when it does not. Start thinking here: We must do and complete right adjustments to achieve our goal even if the adjustments are "outside the plans" and sometimes "outside the box".

The only real loss there is could be not to be adaptable, and want perfection too badly. Ever had something work as perfectly as on the commercial one-hundred percent consistently when being demonstrated?

Start action here:

So, once you come up with the great idea to succeed, there is not any guarantee that everything will perfectly go to plan. For example, yesterday I was taking a nap on the grass visualizing my success and along comes the lawn cutter. I did not get mad, I just changed my approach. That right there is one example of what I mean by you have to be patient, understanding and tolerant to succeed. In fact, my tolerance and patience with the gardener gave me a hidden advantage. I thought to myself: "He will still probably gardening for about twenty to forty dollars a pop, while my creativity will one day get me genuinely somewhere." Yes, it all starts with creativity, not fearful competition.

What I mean by creativity is this: If one way gets disturbed or does not work, try or do another way that does work ultimately. It never helps to get fearfully and fretfully competitive, all that does is make you disappointed that "your plans did not work". What does work is creativity and patient adjustment combined. So, like I said, I am making this article so that you have to fill in some blanks and think deeply about them in a creatively adjusting way. Competition is trying to follow plans to beat the other competitor. Creativity is adjustment to win for yourself genuinely. So,which do you want to do? Either way, something needs and wants to be done to cause success. Start action here.

The most genuine of losses or wins comes like this though:

Okay, here is where I fill in a few blanks: The real losses come when you genuinely quit without adapting to the situation you find yourself in.

Sure, there are times that we all cannot seem to get anything done. But that does not mean quit.That just means change approaches even if the new approach is not in the plan. So, the most genuine of losses comes like this and in one word: "Rigidity"

You got me right: Rigidity. Sticking to a formula or plan, win or lose is a form of rigidity. Oh, there are many forms of rigidity, but I went ahead and mentioned the worst form of it just to reiterate this story I have used in many articles now. Alexander Graham Bell got the telephone patent over all his other competitors because he turned the screw on the speaking mechanism one-quarter turn to create intermittent current, the conditions to transmit speech instead of just transmitting singing or humming over the telephone. Very small course correction story, but it gets my whole point across well. Without that attention to small course correction detail, Alexander Graham Bell would have been just another competitor for the patent who did not get the patent. It could be small or it could be large, but a course correction is a course correction, and it is a way to get ahead and even win if done right. But, rigidity, no matter how it is put, causes losses. Stagnation and rigidity are a deadly combination. Especially when the need for change and advancement is painfully obvious. Like I said in the introduction to this article, there is a right way and a wrong way to be in control of your life. The right way makes you win, the wrong way makes you lose.


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great advice and so true. I love reading your article. They are so helpful.

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Awesome post!

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very inspiring post

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