How To Easily Get Free Electricity And Reduce Air Pollution

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The companies generating electricity are some of the worst pollutants in the entire world. By using less energy from them and gathering the power comming from the telephone line (which is going to be wasted otherwise), you keep the environment cleaner and decrease the total amount of pollution from your area. Your effort is small, but each individual person can benefit this planet if they give up more or less energy!

Finding ways To Save Money

Finding the best way to save money with the electricity bill and at the same time save the planet from all the pollution generated by the electric power companies are dilemmas that trouble countless people all over the world. Generally there are undoubtedly numerous things that can make an impact in the way we live our lives and we really do not even realize it. Almost every day you can utilize small things that in many cases can introduce a huge transformation in our lives.

Think about the telephone line in your office or home, were you aware that you can get free electric from the telephone line? Would you imagine that aside from assisting you stay in touch with the people care about, the phone line can even help you save money? Well, maybe not, but this is the simple truth: the phone line has the capability to help make your everyday life better and cut back the amount of money you have got to shell out for your electric power bill.

Electric From My Phone Line? Really?

Many people are not aware of the fact that there is a lot of free electric moving through your telephone line everyday, they dont even understand what a huge potential all those telephone lines may have. In reality, this is literally as real as it could be. A portion of your phone bill covers all that electrical energy moving through your telephone lines, and you have already paid on this electrical power when you have paid the phone bill. There is no point in feeling as if you are stealing something because what you're really doing is simply to take something you have previously paid for, so why wouldn't you reap the benefits of it regularly?

What Do I Need?

You will just require a simple system that will harvest electric power off the telephone line and make it ready to use for powering your house-hold appliances. You'll need to have in your system a battery to transfer the energy to as well as an inverter plus some wires. You will at that time have the ability to gather the power out of the phone lines and convert it into electric. This system is fairly easy to make and with a little guidance you will have the ability to assemble it yourself, in the comfort of your private home, without the need of any additional costs or a lot of fuss.

Using this type of technique you can substantially shrink the quanity of electric power that you are using from the main electricity company, in return you will spend less for the power bill. The telephone bill along with your ease and comfort will be the same. While you will not be able to power your whole residence through the phone line and the big electrical appliances such as the fridge or the air conditioning will not function effectively on this type of electricity, most of the small appliances will most likely function the proper way. Really a fantastic tool for many who are seriously hoping for a replacement source of electricity which is likely to diminish the amount of money that they have shell out for electric.

In addition to that, this approach will also make it easier to keep our planet in healthier condition as by trimming back on the total amount of energy you consume from the electrical power company, they'll generate a lesser amount of electrical power in addition will pollute the planet in a less aggressive way. Also, most of the electric produced by the telephone lines are wasted, especially during the night, so you won't be doing anything wrong in collecting it and making use of it for your self. It will seem like you are chatting on the phone more often than you usually do!

Follow the link below to find out more about why you should get free electricity and help the environment.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
20th Apr 2012 (#)

Never heard of this before. This should be a Godsend for everyone and help improve air quality through lower burning of fossil fuels - siva

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author avatar yellowzigzag
21st Apr 2012 (#)

I,l keep this in mind for when I get my own home I know a electrician would understand it better then me thanks

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author avatar Ray
6th Jul 2012 (#)

How our world can use 50% less electricity:

Double the alternating current's frequency, then half-wave rectify it at the last distribution point before the consumer. The consumer will receive rapidly pulsed, turned on and off electricity. This on and off pulsing, of their electricity, uses 50% less electricity. This means that the electricity generation power plants can be running 50% less, which means less pollution. It should also mean a 50% smaller electric bill.

There are several ways to convert alternating current to pulsed current, which will use 50% less electricity, and will cause much less pollution.

There are three current types: direct current, alternating current, and pulsed current. Pulsed current uses 50% less electricity.

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