How To Grow Gardenias

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Gardenias are fragrant and lovely --- and easy to grow. These tips cover the basics of growing gardenias, both in flower pots and in the garden.


Gardenias are one of my favorite flowers. Northerners grow the dwarf gardenia bushes as patio plants since the climate is too cold for the lovely full-size bushes that grace southern gardens. The dwarf gardenia grows only one foot tall yet the blossoms are just as beautiful and fragrant as its three-foot cousin. Pamper your gardenia and it will give you plenty of white blossoms. Here are some tips.

Sunlight Requirements

All gardenia bushes need plenty of sunlight or they will not blossom. Those in hot southern climates, however, need to offer some protection from the scorching afternoon sun during July and August, such as planting them near a pine tree that offers afternoon shade.

Indoor gardenias do best in sunny windows with southern exposure. You may want to consider grow lights if you live in an area with dreary gray skies most of the winter.

Daytime and Nighttime Temperatures

Gardenias like warm daytime temperatures in the upper 70s (Fahrenheit) and cooler evenings in the 60s. Northerners need to over-winter their potted gardenias inside the house. Use a humidifier to maintain a humidity of 50-60% or the bush will drop its leaves. The leaves are necessary for photosynthesis so the plant will have the energy it needs to produce blossoms.

If you are growing gardenias outside in a climate with humidity lower than 50%, you can artificially increase it by building a small backyard waterfall nearby. The waterfall will add moisture to the air and the leaves will absorb that moisture. The waterfall needs to be fairly close to the gardenias in order to benefit them.

Soil and Water Requirements

Gardenias like acidic soil, such as leaf mulch. Keep the pH under 6.5 to encourage the growth of flower buds. Never let the soil dry out but do not soak the roots. Water them frequently but just keep them moist.

The way to know if you are over or under watering gardenias: if the leaves turn yellow then you are over-watering, but if the leaves and flowers start to drop from the plant then you are under-watering.

Gardenias consume a lot of nutrients during their flowering period. Fertilize them monthly from April until November for the variety that blooms during this period. Some varieties in southern gardens, however, produce lovely fragrant flowers throughout the year.

Photo Credit

I would like to give credit to Wallyir who published this lovely photo of the gardenia flower on morguefile.


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