How To Install Carpet In A Boat

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Removing and installing new carpet in a boat is not as difficult as it appears.

Be thorough

Knowing how to install carpet in a boat can be a handy bit of knowledge for a boat owner in that it can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars over professional installation. Eventually all carpet in boats will need replaced, and when the time comes to install carpet in a boat the task can usually be performed in a single day with good effort. The most important aspects to install carpet in a boat are simple - always measure twice and make certain your cuts are a little larger than necessary. You can always go back and trim any carpet excess, but you can't make a piece of carpet that was cut too small larger. This simple rule will not only save you time, but can possibly save a large amount of money in eliminating the waste that results from improperly cut boat carpet.

The first step to install carpet in a boat is to obtain a good quality carpet that is recommended for boating use. After this has been obtained it is time to gather your carpeting tools - a utility knife, pliers, assorted scrapers, a trowel, assorted screwdrivers, a putty knife and a few rags. Take your new carpet that is to be installed and let it sit in the sunshine for an hour or more, and you'll find it is much more pliable and easy to maneuver when it is warm.

To install carpet in a boat you must first remove the old carpet and scrape off any old marine carpet adhesive beneath. First remove all of the boat hardware that may be in the way on the deck and then grasp a corner of the carpet with pliers and pull. The old carpet should come right up, leaving only traces of the marine adhesive on the boat surface. Using a scraper, scrape the boat deck as thoroughly as possible so that the new adhesive has a clean surface to bond with. When finished, wipe the boat deck with a damp rag to remove any trace of old adhesive that may remain.

When the boat has been properly prepared take the measurements for your new carpet carefully measuring at least twice, and then roll out your carpet on a level surface and cut the pieces. The next step to install carpet in a boat is to spread a thick layer of marine adhesive onto an area the size of the first piece of carpet to be installed, and the lay the carpet down. You can now maneuver the carpet to the appropriate spot and make any necessary trimming cuts. A good way to help the carpet bond to the boat is to take a toolbox and slide it over the carpet back and forth while pressing down. When all of the carpet has been installed and the adhesive is dry, replace the boat hardware that has been removed and the job to install carpet in a boat is complete.


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