How To Maintain a Kakiscracy

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Understanding how to Maintain and feed a Kakiscracy; Government by the very worst People

Corruption Takes Effort!

To be a Kakiscracy isn't easy. It takes a lot of work to make corruption the form of governance. Everything has to be set so that there is no way the most qualified or competent ever gets the job. Hence, there should never be an island of decency, of functionality, so as to make the mundane, the flake, the dishonest, look bad.

In short, the worst people rule.

Now how can a nation insure that the worst people rule?

Who she sleeping with?

Some years ago, at a Woman's Forum, the introduction of a law against Sexual harassment was voted down. Woman after woman spoke against such legislation, because the easiest and least stressful way for a woman to get ahead in Jamaica is on her back.

Woman after woman was outraged that the Government could dare to interfere in such a successful and lucrative practice.

Woman after woman spoke as to how 'giving to get' insured their success. Dare such a law come in, then the Boss would be afraid to even flirt, and female workers would never gain high position.

Jamaica has, as of writing, no law against sexual harassment. That is because women don't want it. Women have learned that when they get a man to 'help them in life', their position is unassailable.

Getting 'a man to help them in life' is equivalent to having a Daddy who holds a high position.

The difference between Miss Openleg getting a big job because she lies on her back and Miss Priss getting a job because Daddy called someone, is that the former knows how she got there, the latter thinks she's entitled.

Both are rather unpleasant to deal with, as they know nothing about their portfolio. Nor do they need to. Everyone knows, or should know, why and how these women have been appointed. In fact, when a woman gets a high position the first question is; 'who she sleeping with?'

This is not sexist; this is safety; for it would be suicide to complain about her to the man she's slamming, or to say an uncomplimentary word about him in her ambit.

Women who make it 'on their feet' don't get very far. They will be sabotaged at every turn because they don't have poweful 'backative'.

How to get Ahead

People get big positions, (besides these two 'qualifications' above) by;

a) having secrets for someone big
b) Being a Member of the Political Party in Power and groomed for a Political Position
c) Being related to a person in Power

The only way the most qualified person gets the position is if:

i) No one wants the job
ii) The holder of the position is going to be the 'fall guy'
iii) The job is temporary and one of those mentioned above has not completed whatever on-paper qualifications are necessary to take the position or isn't ready to take it.

Playing Field is not Level

Sure, there are Jamaicans who don't get the fact that the playing field is not level. They go to school, they study, they take exams, they pass, they graduate, they go to University, they get degrees, and then they apply for a position.

As long as it's a middle level nothing post, they can get it. No one is interested in drone work, in fact, actual work. Working for government, although an oxymoron, is drudge work.

The average person is sent to X location as a Whatever and stays there, maybe being able to acheive Senior Whatever. If the average person annoys a Big Person s/he will be moved to the most inhospitable location. Even if one does excellent work the ceiling is low. The person who holds the highest position, (the one with the big salary and title) is appointed from 'without'.

When Daddy Owns...

When Daddy is S'maddy as we would say, he will send Little Pinbrain to Millionaire Prep. S/he will be spoonfed and every form of tutor retained to insure s/he gains the grade.

If s/he's really stupid and can't get into a real High School s/he will either be sent to Millionaire Senior School, where the only qualification is being able to pay tuition, or Daddy will pay big money to get him/her into Real High School.

Daddy will hire a batallion of folks to give her/him extra lessons. If this doesn't work, if Pinbrain can't score, then it's Millionaire Senior School then some University somewhere which will, for a large fee, accept her/him.

The child of a S'maddy goes through life with a sense of Entitement. S/he is to get whatever it is s/he wants. And Daddy will do his best to make sure that s/he is entrenched in some position where most of the job is simply looking the part. S/he'll spend the days focusing on wardrobe and presentation, attending the best places, all speeches written by a drone.

S/he'll marry someone in the same 'class' and the Daddies will make sure they live in the Best Places and have everything possible.

When to Lie Down

When Daddy isn't a S'maddy Little Openleg has to know how to sleep her way to the top. She can't be distracted by cute boys, she can't fall in love. She must start selling herself as soon as she can. working her way up the ladder to become a slam of a S'maddy.

She has got to please the S'maddy enough so that he will pension her off at Government's expense when he decides to replace her with a new version.

She knows the parameters of power. She knows that as long as she is connected to a S'maddy people will treat her with the obeisance required by a S'maddy. And she knows that she has got to get as much as possible before she hits 40.

She may start with some aide to a Minister, but she's going for the Minister. She may be married to some upper middle class guy, she may have a semi-decent job, but if she wants to go big time she's got to know when to lie down and for whom.

Slam Beats Blood

As you imagine there are conflicts when the child of a S'maddy is in one position and the Slam of another S'maddy is in a contrasting role.

It has been proven time and again that Slam beats Blood. Hence, if Daddy was the Chief Justice and you think you should be a High Court Judge, but the Minister is slamming someone else, Slam wins.

If you're a loose cannon, someone who actually got to the top on your ability, unless you are well connected politically, have secrets for some big person, have special use to that person, then you are going down.

You could have written the law, but won't be appointed Legal Officer. You could be the Global Expert in that Field, but somebody else will get the position.

Don't be shocked. This is a Kakiscracy. This is why it is a Kakiscracy.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
23rd May 2014 (#)

So much for working your way to the top... I guess it is true... sh*t floats.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
23rd May 2014 (#)

Ditto Mark... Great commentary on a terrible system. I wish I did not feel the US was also leaning this way!!

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author avatar Buzz
23rd May 2014 (#)

That new word. Good to know. :)

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author avatar kaylar
23rd May 2014 (#)

In Jamaica you sleep your way to the top. If you go through a list of Senators, for example, every gal there go there on her back.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
23rd May 2014 (#)

unbelievable but it so true...what women have to do...thanks for this kaylar...

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author avatar Mariah
23rd May 2014 (#)

You sure know how to write it like it is kaylar, that's what makes your posts a must read..brilliantly written and presented as always.
Thanks for another great share.

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author avatar kaylar
23rd May 2014 (#)

Thank you so much.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
28th May 2014 (#)

Awesome post as well labeled as one of a kind, cheers!

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author avatar kaylar
29th May 2014 (#)

Thank you fern

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