How To Make A Simple Garden Gate

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A simple garden gate can keep out unwanted animals and pets

Plan on paper first

A simple garden gate serves any number of useful and practical purpose, ranging from keeping unwanted varmints and pets out to preventing the occasional straying toddler from destroying your hard earned greenery. Additionally a well-constructed garden gate can add aesthetic and rustic value to the appearance of your garden and to your overall property. Too often, a gardener will think it requires some incredible carpentry skill to create and install an adequate garden gate, but in it's essence a garden gate is merely a square hung between two posts in a secure manner. Anyone capable of reading a tape measure, and using a hand saw and a drill can install a garden gate in a short time without assistance or prior experience.

Making a simple garden gate begins with the planning stage, when the gate is drawn up with dimensions on a sheet of paper. A garden gate should be wide enough to accommodate a wheel barrow or a rotary tiller, and should be at least the same height as the garden fence. A good average width is 3 to 4 feet, as this will be large enough to serve it's purpose without any associated issues of tightness. Once the location on the fence line where the garden gate will be installed has been established, it is a simple matter to remove a section of the fence the width of the garden gate plus and additional ten inches. At each side of the opening, dig a post hole 16 inches deep. If the height of the garden gate is to be 36 inches hypothetically, the posts that hold the gate should be 16 inches longer, or a total of 52 inches. Place wooden 4 by 4's into the post holes and add concrete, letting it dry overnight.

To build the garden gate itself, just make a square out of wood 2 by 4's, cutting four pieces of wood 36 inches in length. Using L-shaped brackets, affix the pieces together using a drill and wood screws. Now that the frame of the garden gate is complete, the center of the gate can be covered with chicken wire, spindles or the material of personal choice. Attach 3 strong hinges spaced equidistant on the garden gate. Place the gate between the two gate posts, and mark the appropriate position of the gate on the posts with a pencil. Next drill starter holes on the post, and while holding the gate attach the screws finger tight then finish driving them in with a drill or screw driver. After the garden gate is hung it is a simple matter to attach a locking mechanism such as a bolt type lock to keep the gate closed.


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