How To Name Your Boat Or Yacht

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Do you want to own your own boat or yacht? If so, then you need to know how to give it a name. Here are some tips!


Giving a boat a name is a tradition that has been around for thousands of years. It originally started out due to a combination of fear and superstition, but now is something that every boat owner is compelled to continue doing. For some this is an easy and exciting task, but for others it can be a very challenging one.

So how does one go about choosing a name for a boat and how do they display it proudly afterwards?

Well, for starters, you would be best off sticking to a short one or two syllable word. Something catchy would obviously be preferable, but short and sweet is definitely best.

As far as actual ideas for boat names go, women’s and/or family member’s names are common for most people. Another popular theme for boat names is to make a play on words with something that has to do with sailing or the ocean, like “Seas The Day” or “Knot Working.”

If neither of those is up your alley and you are looking for something a little more unique then perhaps you can gain some inspiration from checking out

If all else fails you can consult your friends and family and more than likely they will either have some ideas of their own or would be happy to help you narrow down your list of options until you have settled on one.

Just remember that you want to keep your boat name simple and easy to comprehend. Nothing will be more irritating than having to spell out or explain what or why your boat is named what it is when speaking to the Harbormaster or Coast Guard.

Once you have come up with the perfect name for your boat, you need to display it proudly for all to see. Depending on the style of your boat you will want to design a sign or placard that fits it well. There are many businesses out there that design boat signs of all shapes, sizes, colors, and lettering styles, but personally I enjoy working with a company in Germany called ASM Yachtsigns & Lettering.

ASM has years of experience, accepts orders throughout Europe and does some of the most cutting edge designs for boats and yachts, including some impressive neon light signs you can check out at

For more information and ideas on what to name your boat and how to design the name once you have one, check out


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