How To Protect A Car's Interior From Sun Damage

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Sun Damage Can Age a Car Resulting In Costly Repairs

Protect Your Investment From Sun Damage

The effect of ultraviolet rays and heat on a car's interior can quickly destroy the car's aesthetic quality and inflict irreversible damage, not to mention financial depreciation. Given the large cost of a new car, or even a good used one for that matter, protecting a car's interior from sun damage is every bit as important as other areas of maintenance and should become part of the vehicles regular upkeep. It's important for a car's owner to remember that the damage resulting from sun and heat can be extensive and impact not just the dashboard but the entire interior, including seats and carpeting, and reduce a car's resale value by thousands of dollars. While there is not singular remedy to protect a car from the sun, several precautionary measures implemented together can effectively keep sun damage to a minimum.

Obviously, whenever possible it is best to park a car in a shaded area to prevent sun damage. As this is not always possible, with a little forethought a car owner can utilize what shade may be present temporarily by briefly determining which available parking spot presents the least exposure to sunlight. An essential point in limiting sun damage to a car lies in the realization that the sun is not alone in damaging the car's interior - the heat associated with it plays a major role as well. This can be diminished by leaving windows down an inch when parking to prevent heat from building up, or by briefly cooling a car using the air conditioning just before parking.

While window tinting is not the preferred fashion statement of every car owner, it does aid considerably in the prevention of sun damage. Inexpensive shades that are placed across the car's dashboard are also an excellent choice in preventing sun damage to a car's interior. These are usually foldable cardboard and are simple to use and specifically designed to absorb heat.

There are a good many commercial mixtures available that can be sprayed onto a car's leather and plastic surfaces to prevent sun damage, and most work well. Car seats can be protected from sun damage by using seat covers, and carpeting can be protect with the use of a few floor mats.

The best way to protect a car's interior from sun damage is to use as many tools available to the car owner's best advantage. Sun damage needs to be viewed from an overall perspective, with each small preventative measure contributing to and minimizing the cumulative effect.


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