How To Remove A Yellow Jacket Nest From Your Yard

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A yellow jacket nest must be removed with great caution

Safety First

Any homeowner who has ever experienced a yellow jacket nest in their yard can tell about the difficulty in attempting to remove them - they are very territorial, incredibly tough to kill and their sting can be very painful. The issues surrounding a yellow jacket nest are amplified considerably when applied to children and pets, who can be at greater risk simply because of their inquisitive nature. The oldest and best known remedy to remove a yellow jacket nest is to simply pour gasoline down the nest hole and set it afire. While this works, it is not a good choice for any number of reasons including personal injury and even death from accidental burns, not to mention the possible damage to the environment due to the use of gasoline in the ground.
There are a number of commercial yellow jacket traps that work well, but the problem with a large nest is that it may take weeks to trap all of the yellow jackets. The commercial traps work best for yellow jacket problems that tend to be a bit smaller in scope, or in preventing an accumulation of yellow jackets during and outdoor gathering like a picnic. Likewise, there are a number of commercial aerosol sprays that can be used from a long distance and sprayed into the nest (from up to 40 feet away). The problem with these is that the yellow jackets that are not immediately killed become quite agitated, and tend to swarm in response. Environmentally, these commercial sprays can poison birds that may eat the yellow jackets as a food source.

The best ways to remove a yellow jacket nest not only remove the nest, but are also compatible with safeguarding the environment. An excellent home remedy is to take a pot of boiling water mixed with one-third vegetable oil and pour it directly into the yellow jacket hole just before dark. The yellow jackets that may survive the boiling water will be coated with oil when the water cools, making flight, and thus gathering food impossible. Another great way to remove a yellow jacket nest is to place a very large clear glass bowl over the nest, again, just before dark. The idea of this is that when sunlight hits the glass it will create an incredible amount of heat, either killing the yellow jackets of forcing them to flee and find another location for their nest.

In any instance, when dealing with yellow jackets always wear as much protective clothing as is possible, dressing in much the same manner as a beekeeper. Likewise, it is very important to destroy a yellow jacket colony as soon as it is discovered, before breeding makes the nest a larger problem.


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