How To Replace An Axe Handle

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An axe handle that is loose should be replaced immediately.

Safety First

The importance of knowing when to replace an axe handle is every bit as critical as knowing how to replace an axe handle for a person that enjoys the outdoors. An axe that is not properly attached to it's handle not only makes the process of cutting wood much slower and more difficult, but presents a serious danger to not only the person using the axe but everyone in the vicinity. There is never a circumstance that an axe with a loose head should be used regardless of the location, and to replace an axe handle is a basic task that can be easily completed with no prior experience in a matter of minutes even while camping in the woods.

In order to replace an axe handle the head of the axe must first be removed from the old axe handle. This can be accomplished rather quickly by placing the axe head in a vice and using a chisel and hammer striking the axe handle through the opening in the axe head repeatedly until the axe handle drops out. If you need to replace an axe handle while camping, you can take a rock and strike the axe head firmly on either side of the handle while holding the axe with it's head in a downward position. After the axe head is removed from the handle is a very good time to sharpen the axe because it is much easier to handle and less awkward.

The next step in the process to replace an axe handle is to inspect the new handle to make certain that there is a slit in the top of it that will accommodate a shim. While the handle may fit the axe head very securely, without a shim being inserted after a few swings the axe head will come loose quickly. If there is no slit present in the new axe handle one must be made using either a saw or in rough conditions a hunting knife can be used. The slit should be the entire width of the axe handle and to a depth of at least 1/2 inch.

Place the axe head onto the handle and slowly and evenly beat the axe head into place until it can go no deeper onto the axe handle. The final step to replace an axe handle is to position a shim into the slit near the end of the axe handle and beat it in until it is flush with the handle end. The job of replacing an axe handle is now complete, but make certain to take a dozen or so swings on a piece of wood to make certain the axe head is not slipping. If it is, another shim can be placed into the axe handle to make the axe head fit more tightly.


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