How To Reuse Things At Home To Save Money

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There are tons of ways to save money at home with a little effort.

Being Frugal Takes Work

We are all guilty at times of not being as frugal as we should or can be - sometimes due to laziness and other times as a product of our own ignorance and lack of creativity. When it comes to saving money at home by reusing ordinary everyday items, there are nearly limitless ways in which the things we generally designate as trash can be given a new life as useful and free of cost creations that prevent the need for additional purchases. Through the application of a little thought and our own imaginative spin, the things we formerly earmarked as refuse can save us each monies and the overall environment a considerable amount of distress by eliminating the space needed for more landfills.

One of the best ways to reuse things at home to save money starts in the garden, and if you don't have one or live in an apartment these tips can be applied to house plants on a smaller scale. Paper, any paper including newspapers, magazines, junk mail, and general correspondence of any type can be shredded to make the wonderful beginnings of excellent compost to nourish your plants. Add to this coffee grounds, egg shells, scraps from fish and meat along with vegetable waste and you have the fixings to make your plants thrive year round. Don't discard those empty cardboard milk cartons or plastic jugs either - cut in half horizontally they make sturdy and durable containers in which to start new plants from seed, as do empty egg cartons.

Inside of the home any glass or plastic jar that has a lid can be used to store anything from screws and nails to buttons for sewing in a secure and visible manner. The plastic bottles that soda comes in can be cleaned, filled with water and frozen to make ice packs for your cooler and eliminates the necessity to purchase ice. Old clothing, bedding, drapery and towels can be fashioned into an awesome pet bed or at the least sewn together to make blankets for your dog or cat. Plastic shopping bags can be turned into "plarn" a type of yarn that is easily made and can be then used to knit or crochet durable items that are much stronger than ordinary yarn and resist dirt much better.

Remember also that the internet is a wonderful source of ideas on how to reuse things at home to save money, and a casual conversation with friends can often result in learning some new tricks that can be implemented and used for a lifetime. Lastly, kids are often much more in tune with their creative side than most adults and can find ways to reuse old items that are absolutely brilliant.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
8th Sep 2013 (#)

Nice piece of advise

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author avatar Rose*
19th Nov 2013 (#)

I had no idea that paper could be used as compost - but of course it's made from plant material!

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