How To Spot An Undercover Agent

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A few tips on how to spot that spy/agent who has infiltrated your organisation

Bit of News

Brtish police constable Mark Kennedy used a fake identity to infiltrate a group of climate change activists.
And how many agents are out there?
Doing what?
And the Cost?
Apparently Scotland Yard spends about £250,000 per agent.
Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Pounds per cop to spy on your little Greenpeace group?

This hand dandy check list is to learn if your group has it's PC Kennedy.


Handy Dandy Check List

• Did he turn up out of nowhere?

This is pretty much the first shoe dropping. Think of it like a Man U fan. You can expect to see the same faces at every match. Someone coming to their first game is kind of obvious.
Hence that guy you never saw before who seems to have all sorts of experience might have got it during Undercover 101.

• Does he seem to get on with everyone within minutes of joining the group?

You know how difficult Carl can be, and that half the time you're sure Denise is off her Meds, yet this nice new chap is everyone's best friend.

]• Does he disappear for a few weeks here and there with some story of visiting relatives or going to some far away meeting?

If people are going traveling you know about it months in advance. Sharon always spends
New Year's Eve in Miami, Jake always visits his folks over Xmas. People don't just go
missing and come back with that kind of story.

• Is he a little bit too interested in details?

Does it really matter if your group is marching up Blue Road instead of Green Road?
Wearing Red shirts instead of Yellow?
Does he need to know where you're going to be when, and need to have everyone's
phone number?

• Is he excessively helpful?

Do you feel you have to go out of your way NOT to take advantage of him?
Is he the one who volunteers to drive here there and the next place?
Do all the dog's body work?

• Does he seem to have a lot of money and stuff he'll share, with no particular
source of income?

Unless he's a well known millionaire who virtually supports the group, that may be your
tax dollars at work.

• Does he ask for a receipts when he thinks no one's looking?

This is a real give away. No one is going to pay for the group's lunch then need
a receipt to prove what they did with the money, unless he's an undercover cop.

• Does he urge the group to do something that might be illegal, but doesn't show up?

This is another give away you're being set up.

• Does he seem to always be on his mobile?

Most people involved in activist groups are 'be here now' types.
They aren't busy with who isn't here.

What To Do

If you notice any of the above in that great new guy, give him some false information and see what happens. If the Cops are six deep around that factory your group claims it is going to picket then you know someone alerted them.

Having 'made' your spy, keep him close. Nothing is better than having an absolutely worthless 'snitch' in your midst.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
12th Jan 2011 (#)

thats pretty funny really...

I have one cat who might be an agent.. pretty shifty looking.

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author avatar kaylar
12th Jan 2011 (#)

The PC in England caused one uproard...

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author avatar zed
15th Jan 2011 (#)

cool one!
congrats :)

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author avatar kaylar
15th Jan 2011 (#)

Thanks Zed...there's how to identify a spy

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author avatar Retired
5th Feb 2011 (#)

very nice.

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