How To Stay Warm When The Furnace Is Out

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This article is about what to do when your furnace and electricity goes out in winter.

Winter Emergency

The furnace goes out and it's winter!? What do you do!?

Here are ten things you can do to survive a winter furnace blow out.

1.) Contact as many local agencies as you can! In Saint Louis there is Warm Up Saint Louis, Urban League, Catholic Charities, and countless other non-profit organizations. If you are not in Saint Louis look up your local non-profit organizations and ask if they have a program to fix your furnace or replace your furnace. Take advantage of the city's help. You can also call your neighborhood Alderman or write or call your city's mayor. Not having heat in the winter is an emergency and make sure they are aware of that. Don't give up until you get the help you need.
2.) Stock up on can goods and buy foods that can be eaten without having to warm it up like deli meat, bread, peanut butter, or fruits.
3.) The furnace can also blow out part or all of your electricity. If this is the case not only are you cold but you are trying to keep the stove and other appliances working. So use as little energy as possible. Unplug appliances and stove at night so you do not risk that going out too.
4.) If you're stove is working you can use your stove for heat, open the oven door and let it heat up the house, just turn it off at night and keep a window crack or a door and screen door open so carbon monoxide do not get trapped in the house.
5.) If you have a small heater that doesn't use a lot of electricity plug it up for a couple hours then turn it off in like 2-3 hour intervals to keep a room warm and to use less electricity. If you do not have a small heater, places like Wal-Mart and sometimes Family Dollars and Dollar Tree sell small space heaters. Make sure you buy a heater that doesn't use a lot of wattage. You can check the wattage on the side, front, or back of the box.
6.) Bundle up baby because it's cold inside! Wear your socks, slippers, house coats, hats, and gloves inside. Wear thermals underneath your clothes. If you don't have thermals pack on that extra sweater or sweat pants. You can also wear tights under your pants if you want to move around more comfortably.
7.) Lamps and TV's will give out heat. Huddle around those if you do not have a small space heater or working stove.
8.) Serve up that hot food! Hot cocoa, hot teas, hot coffee, hot cream of wheat and other hot cereals like hot oatmeal. Take hot baths or showers but warning if it's cold inside when you get out that hot bath or shower that cold will be colder so make sure you have extra warm clothes and large body towels near by to hurry up and dry off and get warmer.
9.) Do not bath animals if you do not have a means of getting them warm immediately afterwards. You can take them to get a bath at your local dog grooming place and they will feel pampered afterwards. Dogs, especially small dogs with short hair can catch nasty colds if you give them a bath and they cannot get warm immediately afterwards. If you have some electricity you can use a hair dryer to dry them off; just keep it on low heat and make sure it doesn't require a lot of wattage. If you have the type of dog that lays around then after their baths you can wrap them in large comfortable towels until their fur completely dries.
10.) Add extra sheets and comforters to your bed. Heat up rice in a sock and place it under your sheets if you want to slide into a warm bed. You can also leave your laptop on which gives off heat and warm the bed up. Just make sure you watch it so no fires happen. You can place the sock of heated rice in your bed a couple hours before you lay down.

I hope these ten tips prepares you for when it is cold inside. If you have any tips, comments, or questions please leave them in the comment section below.

Stay warm my friends.


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