How To Test Lights And Blinkers

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Having operational lights and blinkers is a must for safe driving

Check them weekly

Too often a drivers we tend to overlook the minor nuances associated with driving that enables the safe arrival at our intended destinations, and among these are the knowledge of how to test our car's lights and blinkers. A burnt out light or blinker bulb can go unnoticed for an extended time in many instances because they have no affect on our ability to start, stop or turn when operating a vehicle. Unfortunately, a burnt out light or blinker can be an extreme safety issue not only impacting the safety of ourselves and passengers but everyone driving on every roadway we traverse. While we may generally consider ourselves to be safe drivers, a truly good driver takes the few minutes required on a weekly basis to ensure that lights and blinkers are working properly.

The first step to test lights and blinkers on a car begin with the inspection of the headlights, turn signals, brake lights and hazard flashers. While this is best accomplished by incorporating the use of two people, it can still be easily performed by a single individual. The best way to check lights and blinkers is to do so at dusk because it is easier to see by pulling your car close to a garage door or wall. First check your headlights by turning them on and then turning on the high beams, followed by walking to the rear of the car to check tail lights. Next turn on the left then the right turn signal one at a time, walking to the front of the car and then the rear to ensure they are operational. The brake lights can be checked in the same manner by having an individual depress the brake pedal while another stands behind the car, or by depressing the brake pedal by using a wooden board. Last, turn on the hazard blinkers and walk around the vehicle to make certain they are all working.

While most people would consider their work to be finished at this point it is not, the interior lights need to checked as well. Lift the trunk hood and examine the trunk light. While this may not seem important at the time it will prove to be invaluable when searching for the tools necessary to repair a flat tire at night. The same goes for the car's passenger space as well, as functioning lights have a multitude of purpose when night driving.


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