How To Unclog A Blocked Sink Or Drain

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How to unclog a drain that may have become blocked through a build up of hair, grease and dirt. This article provides the steps in order to unblock a drain yourself before having to call a plumber.

Steps On How To Unblock A Drain In Your Shower Or Sink/Basin

All plumbing systems sooner or later develop clogs. However, most clogged sinks and drains can be fixed without having to call a plumber in your area. To do the job yourself all you need is some determination and the right tools. In this article, we will show you how you can clear up stubborn drain and sink clogs.

Tools You Will Need

There are a few plumbing tools that you will need to combat clogs. However, they are affordable, and you can find them in almost any home center or hardware store. Some can even be rented.

Plunger - the first thing you will need is a plunger ($5-10). A plunger can clear clogs from a majority of fixtures, including toilets, tubs, and sinks.

Plumber's snake or cable auger - These tools can be used for dislodging clogs that are located further down in the drainpipe. A plumber's snake is a flexible, long steel cable that is wound around a spool and comes with a hand crank. You can find cable augers that are available up to 100 feet in length, although for most household jobs a 25-foot model ($15-25) will be sufficient.

How To Start Unclogging The Sink

You can use a plunger to clear out a majority of sink clogs. Fill your sink partially with water, and then begin plunging. Work the plunger vigorously up and down a number of times and then quickly pull it off of the opening of the drain.

If using a plunger doesn't unclog the sink, then use a cable auger under the sink. Use a pipe wrench to take the sink trap off. Place a bucket under the trap and empty the water into it. Make sure that the trap is not clogged. Take the horizontal trap off that is protruding from the wall stubout. Feed the cable through the stubout until you start feeling resistance. Tighten the auger's lock screw. Then crank the handle clockwise while also pushing forward to drive the cable into the pipe further. Continue the process until the block is broken through. Remove the cable and put the trap arm and the trap back on.

How To Unclog A Tub Drain

A clog in your tub usually means it has built up over time. Start first using a plunger. Unscrew the screen on the tub drain and take a bent wire and use it fish out soap scum and hair. If the tub has a pop-up drain, then lift the lever into the open position. Raise the stopper up from the drain hole and then clean all of the soap and hair out. That may take care of the problem. However, if not use a wet rag to cover up the holes on the underneath side of the over plate and begin to plunge.

If that doesn't solve the problem, use a cable auger. Take the overflow plate off of the tub along with the stopper linkage. Feed about 20 inches of cable into the overflow tube. The turn the hand crank and push forward. You will immediately feel resistance. However, continue to crank the auger until the cable has passed through to the P-trap under the tub. Take the cable out, and pour several gallons worth of hot water down the tub drain. Then replace the overflow palate and pop-up drain or screen.

Stormwater Drain Unclogging

From time to time, especially during wet and windy days, there is going to be a large surge of water flowing through your gutter and stormwater drainage system, And if not properly taken care of, then can become clogged with dirt , gunk and even debris. This is not your typical unclogging solution in which you can just pour some over the counter solution into the stormwater drain, This is something that will need to be taken care of by a professional with the right hydro jetting equipment. If you do find yourself in this position, your best bet is to call a stormwater installation company that also undertake repairs and can have the system unclogged and flowing like new in no time.


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