How To Write A Critique For A Professional

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A How-To on writing critiques for professionals when they ask for one.

To Start

Professionals like myself will occasionally ask for a critique on something or other that we've done. I'm going to explain how to do a critique for someone like myself. I'm going to tell you now that this was brought on by a critique I received from someone who never did a critique before and had no idea how to do it. This is from my DeviantART account.

Read Other Critiques

The worse thing you can do for yourself is write a critique when you have no idea what you're doing. It will be promptly rejected as it's very obvious to the person reading it. If you've never written one the best thing you CAN do is look at some critiques from other people. Example, I'm a writer so look at critiques that were done on other literature pieces. Also keep in mind that I'm a novelist so look for critiques for short stories instead of poetry or lyrics. They're a completely different genre.

Be Objective

If you're going to say something negative about a piece explain why you think it's bad and make suggestions on improvements for the author or artist. The number one thing you can do to piss off an author or artist is not making suggestions. Similarly, if you liked something tell us what it was and why. We want to know.

Don't Write A 1000 Word Essay

We're busy people and frankly don't have time to read stuff a mile long. A part of the reason I rejected the last one is because it was like reading a novel and I just don't have time so I had to skim over it. Pick a few points, two or three at most, and go with that.

Remember We Are Humans

I honestly don't like nitpickers and very few people do. Don't just pick one thing and bring it up again and again during the critique. Not only is this not objective but it's very irritating. If you want the author or artist to read through your critique don't do this. Not only is it a waste of your time but it's a waste of the readers time as well.

Don't Be An Asshole

After rejecting the last critique the person sent me a note asking why I rejected it. They started the note by saying and I quote "If I were you I'd still take my advice, even if you don't think it's a fair critique" Last time I checked I wasn't the writer of the critique and I have every right to reject a critique for any reason I see fit. The next note I got from them they started by calling me a dick for rejecting the critique for not being objective. They didn't like the fact that I told them straight up that they had no idea on how to write a critique and that it was evident as I read through it.

For god's sake, do NOT do this. You'll burn your bridges with the artist or writer very quickly for future critiques. If this person were to come back and say that they were offering critiques for points I would promptly say I wasn't interested and go with someone else. Not because I don't want to pay the person for their work but over the simple fact that I don't want to deal with someone like that.

In Conclusion

Be Objective, Be Professional and Be Fair. It's the best way to get your point across and possibly make new connections.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
24th May 2013 (#)

Like for other writings one need to back up with relevant points - and not digress from the main topic. Good post, Eliana, thanks for the share - siva

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author avatar Eliana Brooks
24th May 2013 (#)

You're very welcome

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