How a Unique Content Should Be?

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This is an article on how a unique content should be written..

Unique Content

You know what you need: good, unique content.
Whether you are writing articles for Bum Marketing, keeping a blog going with fresh
content, or creating your own e-book to sell or give away, the adage is true:


Here’s a few quick reasons why GOOD content is more profitable:

1. return visits
2. referrals
3. inbound links
4. trust

Inbound Links – these are the holy grail of Search Engine Optimization. If you
want the Search Engines to give you good ranking, you need links from multiple,
high-value, relevant sites. Sure, you can get on page one with a junk blog for a day
or a week, but to keep your site highly ranked takes inbound links. And people will
happily link to your site if you are offering good content.

Return Visits – if someone visits your site once, and never returns, you’ve lost
multiple chances to sell to that person. Useful, helpful, high-quality information will
keep them coming back, giving you other chances to sell.

you ARE trying to sell something, right? The more value you GIVE away,
the more people will feel secure giving you their money in exchange for a product.
All four of those reasons spell out the importance of GOOD content.

Referrals – this is the dream! Someone likes your content and starts passing it
around to their friends. Watch your traffic spike when someone posts a link to your
content on a popular forum or social bookmarking site!

Here are the reasons that you want your content to be UNIQUE:
1. avoiding the Duplicate Content Penalty
2. better keyword density
3. fresh content draws more visitors and referrals
4. establishes your authority, building trust
5. Ezine Articles only accepts unique content

Ezine Articles Only Accepts Unique Content – Ezine Articles is an incredibly great
site for driving traffic…IF you can get your article approved. One sure-fire way to
have it smacked down is by submitting content that is already out there on the web.
Whether you are using Article Marketing (Bum Marketing), or just submitting for link building
and traffic-driving to your site, EZA is a great site, but it requires UNIQUE

Better Keyword Density – When you control the content, you are in charge of the
density of the keywords. As a rule of thumb, 3-4% seems to work really well. In
other words, if your keyword is used 3-4 times out of every 100 words, the search
engines KNOW what your page is about. Now, remember that you never want your
article to sound unnatural. If you stuff it too heavily just to hit 3%, and it loses
readibility, consider an alternative keyword. Keep in mind that the algorithms at
Google are pretty complex. If your actual keyword only appears once in every 100
words, but you have synonyms that Google recognizes as being the same as your
keyword, Google will still acknowledge your page as being about your keyword.

(To find usable, readable synonyms for your keyword, simply uses Google’s own
keyword research tool:

Avoid Duplicate Content Penalty – You’ve probably heard about the ‘Duplicate
Content Penalty’. It’s a bit of a misnomer, but in short, the theory is that if Google
detects two pages with the exact same content, it will give higher ranking to the page
that was indexed first. Some people think that Google will ‘de-index’ your site if it
has duplicate content. That’s not entirely true. Neither is it true that Google always
gives higher rank to the first page it indexed with the content. BUT…if you have truly
UNIQUE content, you never have to worry about it. AND, we will discuss techniques
of modifying existing content in a way that leverages someone else’s expertise on a
subject, and gives YOU the love from the Search Engines for it!

Establish Authority and Building Trust – as I mentioned in the section on making
GOOD content, making UNIQUE content can also build trust, which is important in
sales. If people read your content and know that they aren’t finding the same
information anywhere else, it makes them more likely to seek answers to related
questions from YOU. And that can be very good for sales.

Fresh Content Draws More Visitors and Referrals – People don’t want to read the
same thing over and over again from a different site. If they recognize your content
as being from somewhere else, they’ll simply use the other site instead of yours.
Also, when you are using something that has an RSS feed, like a blog, you want to
keep folks who are using your RSS something fresh, or they will find a different RSS
to use. In addition, if you can add something unique, whether it is your writing style,
perspective, or some other tidbit that makes your content stand out, you have a
better chance that readers will remember and refer your content..


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Interesting, informative and educative. Thanks.

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