How delightful it was to get away from the noisy streets and the smoky town!

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We set off on our motorcycles high spirits, each carrying a basket we took the main road. The green fields of paddy and other crops, waving in the breeze, stretched far away on either side. Some farmers were seen cutting crops and binding them into sheaves.

We went the bazaar and bought some fruit, cakes and sweets as well as some milk for tea or coffee

At last we reached the river. The water flowed quietly. We came upon a grassy spot under a large banyan tree. We placed out baskets and kettles there; but we had hardly placed them there when on of the baskets rolled down the slope into the river. So we had to go without our sandwiches.

We were now hungry. Paramesh and I went to gather some dry sticks. Paramesh lit a fire placed the kettle on it. But one of the bricks slipped. The kettle was upset, all the boiling water split, and the fire put out. However, he soon lit the fire again and prepared tea for all of us. Rajesh opened the baskets. O, what a delicious feast it was! I have never tasted one like that since. We had hearty lunch of sweetmeats, pastry, cakes, tea, apples, banana and oranges. We made merry for hours. We sang, danced, and narrated jokes.

In the afternoon we hired a boat and stared rowing downstream. Apparao and I took the oars. Tom was in a jolly mood. He began to sing songs rock the boat about. All of a sudden, he fell into the water rolling over the side of the boat. The next minute we were all in the water, struggling for our very, Apparao and I could swim. But Tom was nowhere to be seen! We all wondered where he was. But just then, we saw his head rise above the surface of the water. We swam up to him, caught hold of his clothes before he went down again, and pulled him out safe to the shore.

So it all ended well. Though frightened, we were hungry. We ate all the sweets and fruit that were left over. We returned home late in the evening. We were all thankful to God that the picnic had ended happily after all.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
15th Feb 2014 (#)

Nice post!

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
18th Feb 2014 (#)

Indeed, we all need sometimes off from the busy life... Thanks.

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