How do Wikinut messages work?

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The Wikinut messaging system is our way of sending you important information about your account. Here we describe the communications we send and your message options.

Who sends me messages and why?

Messages are sent by Wikinut staff to tell you about important events or information, and by moderators to update you on the progress of any pages you've submitted for publishing.

Your Wikinut inbox is a neat way to stay informed about what's happening at Wikinut in general, and to get details about your specific account and pages.

Can I send messages?

Yes, authors can send messages to other Wikinut authors. There are two ways to do this:

  1. When you recieve a message into your Wikinut Inbox you can select to reply to the message.
  2. When viewing an Author's profile page you can select to send a message to their Wikinut inbox.

Moderators are also able to send messages to the Author's email address, but the email address is not revealed to the moderator when they use this function.

Remember to be mindful of the person you're sending a message to. Our moderators are very busy and may not be able to respond directly to your comments. If contacting an author then please consider leaving a public comment on one of their pages instead - a public discussion may help more people than a private message.

Managing your Inbox

We do not recommend that you use your Wikinut Inbox in the same way you use a normal Email account, this can leave it cluttered and chaotic. We suggest that you read messages, act upon them and then delete them immediately. Using the Inbox in this is similar to using a to-do list.

Think of any messages in your Inbox as reminders of things you need to do, and then delete them once they're taken care of.

Can I opt-out of messages?

We offer users the option to not receive automated emails, you can review these options on your profile page. However, as we use messages for important Wikinut information, we need to be sure that all users can access them.

Therefore, the only way to not read your message is by not visiting your inbox... although we strongly suggest that you not do this as you may miss important advice about payments, rejected pages etc.


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