How does a Dog Saved a Sinking Baby?

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A Lancashire Heeler dog saved a sinking baby. Can you believe it? It's happened in a small village in Bangladesh. We know that in the western world, dog is a great friend for most of the people specially in the old age. They use to keep the dogs from different species. However this story is about a normal village dog. Are you interested to know the story? Keep on reading and see whats happened.......

The story begins

This incident took place in a small village of Bangladesh. Its a story about a Lancashire Heeler dog. In village area of Bangladesh, this type of dogs are available. Some people use to keep them as pet but most of the time this dog use to roam around as wild dog and visit other's house, kitchen and so other places for their food as guest dog. But the story is about a pet Lancashire Heeler dog. This dog saved the baby of it's master.

Lancashire Heeler dog's type

It is a small size dog and its life expectancy is 12 to 15 years but this incident is a 6 years old dog's story. There are several types of dogs as we know. It may be Companion dogs,
Guard dogs
Hunting dogs
Working dogs
Pariah dogs
Pastoral dogs
Sled dogs
Turnspit dogs and so on.
Lancashire Heeler is in the group of Hunting or watch dog. The owner of the dog in that village was not educated. He was a farmer. He didn't know the real feature or characteristics of this dog.

The Characteristics of Lancashire Heeler

The farmer was not ought to know that with the short glossy coat which is recognised in two colours: black and tan and liver and tan and they have a well-defined stop and a tail which curves over the back when alert, there are some other characteristics also could be present in this dog. We know that this dog has fantastic qualities of being brave, loyal and could defend home and family without fear. The farmer's dog did the same thing. It saved the baby without fear by taking its life risk.

The Baby was Lost!

On a sunny morning, the farmer went to the field to work and his baby was playing in the yard. The mother of the baby was busy with her household work. She was cleaning the house and the kitchen alone. But the tragic incident happened within this time. There were some trees beside the yard, some other houses of the neighbours surrounded the yard like the mountain range and also a pond near the yard. When the mother of the boy has finished her work, she was searching her baby to feed but alas! where is the baby? she searched the whole yard, house and the neighbours house also but the baby was nowhere. She was crying so much for the baby and send someone to call her husband in the corn field where he was working but still the baby was lost.....!

The Dog Saved the Baby?

When her husband came from the field and heard everything, they hugged each other and started to search the baby. They were searching the baby but there was no baby in sight. Then they were thinking about the wrong, their baby may be kidnapped. Suddenly, the farmer noticed the loud barking sound of their pet dog. The dog was barking for long time but they didn't noticed it previously for being busy to search the baby. As the dog normally don't use to bark in this way, the farmer had some doubt and rushed towards the sound of the dog, When he went near the dog, he saw that the dog was in the pond and stood by keeping its back side's legs in the water. The farmer also noticed that the dog kept its front side's legs up towards the bank of the pond and it was trying to keep something up from the water by the bank. The farmer went near the dog and saw that a baby cried out by recognizing him. The father also recognized the baby and jumped into the pond and become very much grateful to the dog. From that time, the farmer kept the dog as his another child and they never kept their baby unprotective and become happy for ever...................


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13th May 2015 (#)

That's a lovely story. Dogs are very clever. Well done on being author of the day. =)

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14th May 2015 (#)

Yea........thank you CoffeeQueen. Its a real story. Dogs are very loyal to their lord. They can take their life risk for their lord but human being? very rear.........

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