How i cleanse my crystals

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how i cleanse and program my crystals, using incence and intent.

How i cleanse my crystals

There are lots of ways to cleanse crystals but some can not be wet or they dissolve, so putting on a windowsill under the moonlight. Or burying in soil for a few nights. Here is my way, i suppose you can make up your own way.

The first thing when you want to buy some crystals is read about them, have a general idea about which crystal you may want to buy and then you wont be too confused when you get to the shop.

When you enter the shop you can ask your guardian angel or spirit guide or your higher self to guide you on which crystal is the best crystal for your needs. You may find you get the answer you originally thought of.

Or you can try just looking at the crystals and seeing which one you are drawn too.

Have a feel of the crystal that catches your eye, some people may get a warm feeling, or a tingly feeling, or you may feel some other kind of connection.

These are the steps i take when buying a new crystal.

When i get home, i lay them on a table and i light some incense sticks, i choose sandalwood, simply just because i like the smell.

I then hold the crystals one by one and hold the incense stick and cover the crystal with the smoke, sometimes i use dried sage as well.

I ask silently in my head for my guardian angel and god to cleanse the crystals from all energy and to energise them ready to be programmed.

I then hold them in my hand and ask the crystals to let their energy flow through me and then i ask them to work with me for whatever purpose, wether its to lose weight or have a better nights sleep. I really think about this as i am holding them.

I see it as transferring my energy into the crystals and vice versa. Then i try to make sure they are near my aura as much as possible.

I keep them in my pocket or in my bag and i sleep with them either under my pillow.


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