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Many people in this world are so singularly focused in consciousness that at some level they are asleep even when they are in a fully waking, functional state. This article and its sections are a wake-up call to all who are interested.

Between the eyes.

Well, there is more to this world than there ever will appear to be. Appearances are always deceiving, especially when you do not look beneath them in time and you are disappointed by the reality. What is the answer to this problem? Open up your deeper eyelids that are not physical. Sure, this may be a shock to some that are really, really asleep. But some of you reading this may know what I am talking and writing about. After all, normal life is what happens to you when you are making other plans and not ready to do really worthwhile things. Guess what, I have just paraphrased a Buddhist quote in that last sentence. What does not count, you can easily "understand" as life and you take it too seriously. What counts is reality and you do not take it seriously enough. For example, I was telling a friend, that his family takes the cable bill and what is on television tonight as entertainment more seriously than their genuine spiritual needs. Well, that is an overt example but it makes the point. This is not even the air above the tip of the iceberg.

After I know, no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

Understanding is the genuine weapon of genuine kings and queens. It is not in the sword or nuclear bombs or whatever. That is within the arsenal of the genuinely unevolved. So, when I give this section the title I give it.You immediately know where I am coming from with it.

Without understanding, all power comes from outside destructively. To quote Mao Tse Tung: "All genuine political power comes through the point of a gun." That succinctly and dramatically makes my point. But, an even greater weapon is understanding. Mao's contemporary Mohandas Gandhi used this weapon to throw the British out of India without a single shot fired.

Knowing, understanding, and acting honestly on that knowledge is the road to the best in life, especially when you act from where you are now instead of "where you will be then". For each efficient action in the now will lead to a well remembered past and a good future. So, I type a Wallace D. Wattles quote to end this section: "Keep your mind at home, it will do more good there than elsewhere."

This is where absolute power over others without self-control becomes the ultimate weakness: When you do not "Keep your mind at home, it will do more good there than elsewhere."

The Ultimate "Pedagogical Infinity"

Evil itself is the ultimate "pedagogical infinity" when you really think about it. When there is nothing else to learn, that is where evil stops and the best begins really. When you know it all genuinely, you can do it all better and better without any blocks or fearsome stoppages.

Sure, that sounds too simple. But is it really too simple to say that overcoming evil is the ultimate goal of existence and life? It would seem so, until we realize how far reaching evil can really be when unchecked. Unlimited good can seem like something we cannot learn from, until we get frustrated enough with the "fun" of evil doing its worst to us. So, it would seem that the ultimate "pedagogical cipher" or something we cannot learn from is a life without problems or evil, right? I am not sure about that, considering the misery evil usually creates. All evil can really do is help us appreciate the good and great more. That is the only "good" that evil can do. Other than that, like Charles Manson, we want evil to go back to where it came from. For, evil is a sort of "learning infinity" that when we have learned all we could learn from it, there is not any use for it except to remember to avoid it if we don't want trouble. That is the key role of experience and understanding really. The closing of Pandora's Box can happen, we just need enough experience, knowledge and understanding to close it.

The Pecking Order of Life

Existence needs care and nurturing, although it would not seem so with the perpetual motion of time taking its course throughout it. With that said, I begin this thought and article section:

What if everything we do were easy, and patience and course correction were never required, and we were spoiled rotten beyond all belief in life? Then we would have nowhere to grow always, except sideways or down. Most likely down.

To everything, there is "a pecking order", yet, life plays no favorites. Where we need to grow, we go. As the old saying goes, "We teach what we most need to learn, and we learn what we most need to teach."

I remember my Dad, he was the most patiently honest man I knew, and he said about that: "Son, this is what I am here to learn more of." I understood what he meant, but I did not really want to understand, because at times, he seemed insufferable with the whole thing. But now that I understand the pecking order of life fully, it was and is the most valuable understanding I have about life. Not that I do not like perfection, but I do not expect it "all the time" or "all the way through". I expect there to be some course corrections and getting back on track at times. Through this simple message of understanding, I want to convey a thought process that has proved valuable for me in genuinely living and understanding life. See you next section.

Going by what you want, instead of fearfully going by appearances.

Life is what we make it, regardless of appearances. With that said, we can make anything we need or want (in that order) with rational and realistic actions regardless of appearances. Reality is fluid in this way. If it was not, success and failure would be fixed without being able to be changed in any way.

Our existence can be made successful when reality instead of the fantasies we "see before us" are considered. Actual failures and losses do not matter, but intentions always do. This is another key to going by what you want instead of going by appearances and what seems to be.

The Master Mind considers the hard work quite easy, that is what makes a Master Mind a Master Mind. The challenging and amazing is effortless and easily achievable. One time, a writer named Uell Stanley Andersen wrote about his time in a logging camp, and the best logger there was a small man who did a better job logging than big Uell Stanley Andersen, the small logger was a short Irish man about five feet, six inches and Uell Stanley was about six feet four inches, my height. Yet, the short logger left old Uell Stanley Andersen in the dust with his effort, while Uell Stanley was tired after slinging about ten or fifteen bales. The small logger responded with something like this: "It gets good and efforts become easy with habit." Uell Stanley Andersen was dumbfounded, yet knew he had a great story to write about, yet I understood the story immediately.

Limits are man made, infinity is made by God, and to acknowledge infinity is to genuinely imitate and be like God. So, effort and becoming a Master Mind is to become sort of like God, isn't it? To go by reality makes you powerful. To limit yourself by a fantasy makes you weak. I say this not in judgement, but to make you think and think deeply about the reality of your life and existence and maybe even live and exist better than you have before. After all, courage is the genuine opposite of fear, sure, but courage is to rise above fear also. Not going by appearances is the ultimate courageous act when really understood.


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