How to Add a Second Router to Your Wireless

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Wireless range is vary depending on the WIFI standards and router physical location so if you are planning to add the second router then the configuration is really easy when compared to the bridges.

Second Router

So here easiest step for connecting the second router with the help of Ethernet cable and it is really helpful to getting the high wireless coverage even in your lawn.

How to use the second router as the access point

In a wireless the network configuration the two routers are connected with the Ethernet cable so it is the easiest method to get the high range. The main router is connected in the Internet Service provider ASDL modem and the second router is connected to the main router over the Ethernet cable.

• First you need the IP address and Subnet mask of the first router so open the command prompt and type the command as ipconfig /all and you can get the default Gateway value.

• Open the web browser and type your first router IP address in the web browser address bar and you have to provide the User name and password to access the first router settings. This is varying from the router manufactures.

• If you are enter into the inside of the router settings then change into the Wireless settings and write it down the SSID, wireless mode and the channel. In case you are protected your WIFI with the password then note the security mode like WEP, WPA2 or WPA and your WIFI password.

How to set up the Second router as the Repeater

Once you finish the above procedure like first router settings and IP address then you have to connect your second router.

 The next step you have to configure the second router for that reset the second router to the factory defaults. Long press the reset button pin for 10 seconds then your second router is come into the factory defaults.

 After that connect the second router to the computer with the help of Ethernet cable and connect the other end of the cable to the LAN ports. Make sure that the router is powered on.

 Once again open the web browser and type the which is the default IP address of the second router. Suppose you are using the Linksys router then try it for the because it is the default IP address for the Netgear and the D-Link routers.

 If you are in the second router setting inside then change the values of the channel, security mode, password and wireless mode which are noted in the first router settings. At the same time you can use the unique SSID name for the second router because you can differentiate between which routers is connect to your laptop or phone.

 Finally go to the Setup then click the advanced routing and change the current mode from the gateway to the router and change the second router IP address. The second router IP address might be any free IP address. You can also assign the fixed IP address as the to the second Router address. But keep in mind Subnet mask could be same in the first router address.

Once you finish the all the process in the Second router then save the all settings which you made it in the Second router and close the web browser window.

Connecting the two router with the Ethernet cable

Once you finish the all the configuration process in the two router then it is the time to connect the two router to the Ethernet cable. Your first router might have the five ports and the Wireless Area Network port must be connected to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) modem. Finally choose any of the available Local Area Network port for the first router. Follow the same procedure like pick one of the LAN port to the second router to connect it with the Ethernet cable.

The twp routers are part of the similar home network so all your shared music libraries, folder, other files and photos are accessible from the all kind of mobile device and computers which are connected to the home network.

For using the as the first router network then you can get the lot of benefits because it is the private IP address so it is difficult to hack your router
Advantage of

 Two users who are not belonging to the same network can use this address without the risk of the conflict.

 This IP address is separate then DHCP servers so additional switches are no need and you router is work properly.

This IP address is helpful to manage the router functions and provide the easier transmission. This address is responsible for sending and processing the data into the different destinations.


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