How to Adjust Transparency in Windows 7

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Windows 7 has a variety of themes, among which is the Windows 7 Aero
theme. Windows 7 Aero is the fancier of Windows desktop themes which includes transparent windows. As such, Windows 7 Aero is more transparent and includes a transparent taskbar, start menu, as well as more transparent windows. Overall, there are a few ways to adjust the transparency in Windows 7.

How to Adjust Transparency in Windows 7

To begin with, right-click the desktop and select the personalize option. This is the best option to select to customize Windows 7 desktop, and from the themes page you can begin to adjust Windows 7 transparency. The most obvious way to do this is to simply select one of the more basic and high contrast themes for the Windows desktop. In fact, there are six of these and any one will not include the Windows 7 Aero transparency.

However, there are alternative options to adjust the transparency in Windows 7. What if you actually want to enhance the transparency in Windows 7? This is possible, but you need to select the Windows colour option first. After selecting this option note the colour bar below the window border colours. This sets the current transparency level, and if you move the bar more to the left then windows transparency will be enhanced. However, if you move the bar more to the right then the windows will be more opaque.

If you want to keep the Windows 7 Aero theme, but remove the transparent windows then this can also be done. As has been noted, the color bar is one option that can reduce the transparent windows. However, above this there is an enable transparency check box; and to remove Windows 7 transparency just un-check the box.

In addition to this, it should also be noted that other parts of the desktop can also have transparency options. Among these include Windows 7 gadgets, which can be added to the desktop. They can also be more transparent. To adjust the transparency levels of desktop gadgets first right-click the gadget that you want to adjust the transparency of. Then select the opacity option which will display various percentages. To make the gadgets more transparent select one of the lower percentage numbers and 100% will remove the transparency.

These are a few of the options that Windows 7 has for adjusting windows transparency. To remove Windows 7 transparency you can select a different theme, or un-check the windows transparency option. Or alternatively, to enhance Windows 7 transparency the color bar can be adjusted, or the gadgets can also be made more transparent with their own transparency options.


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