How to Attain Fitness and Wellness: Self-Research for Finding A Human Within - Philselfological Approach - 1

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As starting from its first part its based on my lifelong research of more than 3 and half decade for introducing scouting as part of modern education system globally. It focus on ancient and modern knowledge and wisdom from east and west. I am leaving a note at the end of the wiki nut for what I want to say. Thanks!

How to Attain Fitness and Wellness: Research for Self-Search for Finding A Human within Us - Role of Creative Thinking, Arts and Scouting for Global Health Awareness - Part 1

He wanted to know what is research so he went to see his teacher at the university. The teacher told him that the research is not searching it in the books and making comparison and contrasts; rather it is the management of knowledge such that wisdom becomes our common sense in everything we do. However, it may make books speak when one reads after having the idea and insight of what is research. He again asked about knowledge and its relation to research. The teacher replied that we take three dimensions of thought and knowledge:

1. Ancient Faculties of knowledge

2. The Modern or the Contemporary Faculties of knowledge and

3. The Re-cyclic process of Ancient and Modern knowledge for Future

He pondered and again asked his teacher about big claims that we make about knowledge. The reply was that our claim that today we have one of the best faculties of ideas, thought and knowledge faces a serious challenge for our future generations, the children and for us too. It is the re-cyclic process of this IT that we usually find same as the renewal and up-gradation, by craving and collecting more and more information and knowledge. The re-cycling is evolution of knowledge without which the human knowledge remains just a wisdom that we may never use. The practice of wisdom is the re-cycling of the knowledge, which is, applied research work of the pure knowledge, which a human cannot do without the personal touch. The teacher called it a robotic problem.

He could not understand what it means so he asked the teacher to explain. The reply was that our actions are robotic, i.e., ready-made as we may not have any emotions in the future in our actions. The worst that may happen seems that our actions will be only activities on the conditions of stimulant and response theory without enjoying what we are doing. This limitation of knowledge faculties seems the degenerating of our joy as humans. We are learning about things, persons and places adding the best possible information and knowledge. The way we gather these faculties of knowledge about ourselves is so little that we to give verbal expression to each thing that we feel and do. This slowly weakens the bond among humans. In other words, our non-verbal communication is making us lonely and uneducated, as we know little about it.

His studentship was awoke saying that we go here and there just to speak what we want to speak and listen what we want to listen. This known speech of speaking and listening is one of the examples that it is becoming a robotic activity not personal experience of non-verbal communication. He wanted to know more and got the answer that we all happen to know that more we speak lesser is what we really do. Therefore, this process of adding words in the communication is not re-cyclic. By re-cyclic we mean that communication is between the meanings not the words, we ignore that our mind has a bigger and superior interpreter of words that gives both emotions and feeling gathering its effect on our body, mind, soul (conscious level) and heart. These effects are the actual communication in which person is involved.

The how and why was the natural part of his next question. He got answer that a human with the desire to speak and hear the desired words usually breaks down his or heart, body mind and soul. As in it one is fully alert and aware what is sought to hear and speak and making the rapport well so that joy of the communication, though not personally involved, gets better verbal feedback. The example of a tree can make it better for comprehension, while caring for the tree; we look at its trunk, branches, leaves, flower and fruits. Any change in its any part indicates that we do not treat it well. We search solution for it, should we ever forget that it is part of non-verbal communication!

The teacher further added that we seem to treat others, while ignoring the fact that one has body, mind, soul, and heart along with the whole functioning parts inside and on the body. These need non-verbal communication. Whatever we have discussed above is human resourcefulness and thus mutual development of a human as a complete identity of existence. The HRD for all purposes is to make the individual a research oriented person looking for the best management of emotional, intellectual and time energy without forgetting that the human body is a re-cyclic supercomputer of nature for all things that make one contributor. The joy of being contributor makes an individual a resource for human development on the backbone of personal development. Accepting others as they are seems to make professionalism a personalized activity in which one can enjoy his or her work.

They sat silently for some moments. The teacher said that none among us is identical so why waste time in making such a verbal communication so that others become robotic which if they happen to be we may not tolerate hem for very long. The lost art of joy in the form of non-verbal communication seems the result of such conditioning, which the trained person gets. Just giving it a touch that we may communicate with own knowledge by ourselves to re-cycle it into wisdom, until, we become a wise and the civilized. Finally saying it as that the verbal facilitator may never become non-verbal healer as in gaining just one art many are lost, forgotten and thus sacrificed making us sick who seek the healing touch that we have personally in our non-verbal communication with our self, nature and the beyond.

It was the first time that he looked at the teacher recognizing him as an open book. The silence that they shared was like reading each other without a desire for words. They always communicated as the search was finished. The student never used words without meanings that create feelings. It was his known field of research, the search for self for better self-fitness and wellness. Have A Happy and Healthy Life!

Thanks for your valuable time to read it.

Special Note: How England Runs Democracy without Constitution and Indian Ashram Education System: Sir Baden Powell and Scouting

It may seem that England does not have a written constitution, but they seem to follow Scouting in their Democracy and Education system. Sir Baden Powell learned this most democratic way of education, administration and thus overall socialization and social development from Indian Ashram System at Haridwara and other parts where we run it.

All of it has natural democracy and respect for elders, seniors and others without ever thinking or feeling any lack of sense of equality and thus it was guru-shish prampra in which Lord Rama and Lord Krishna also learned.

We do not have Scouting as part of our life and thus all we learn leads to active or passive Imperialism. Scouting treats all as equal. Please read more about it about how Modern Democracy can be designed and put it into practice without any dictatorship or discrimination. It is worth reading from the related article having the topic with title as below:

Learning for our future world: scouting and education on the environment

Thanks again for your valuable time to read it.

The next part of this series is here.


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Very professional presentation.

Hope you would write a separate page defining and elaborating on 'philselfological Approach'

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Thanks, I will write about what I mean by Philselfological Approach!

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