How to Attract Search Engine Traffic with Unique Content?

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This article gives an idea on How To Attract Search Engine Traffic With Unique Content..

Search Engines

The first thing you need to do is to get listed in search engines within 24 hours..

People look for good content on the Internet. They do not always get good content online. So what is unique content? Unique content should have real content that interests the readers. Giving unique content to the reader is one of the most difficult perhaps most time consuming.

The Internet is loaded with information and people are continuously looking for information on the web. Sometimes the content is written by real duds and is not worth reading. The need for good content becomes very critical and essential.

The procedure is as follows!!!

Firstly set up your blog or website..

Now fill your website with some quality UNIQUE content. Unique is a word that is VERY important when it comes to building websites and getting listed. Google loves unique content and it likes webmasters that have unique content.Write so you have taken the time out too write up some lovely unique content, now your going to go over too Google and sign up for Google Webmaster tools. Now submit each of the urls that lead too your original content to the Google search engine and of course your main URL in the format http://www etc etc:

Now use as its easy to use. In wordpress blog you can always use the Google XML sitemap Plugin for wordpress. This step is one of the most important things as it makes it easier for the Google Spider to crawl your site and makes indexing a lot easier, so do remember!!.

When you have completed this then submit your site map to Google. Now add your site content and site too When you have added it, ping your content and site too Search engines (Google , Yahoo, Msn, Bing, Ask),also add your homepage too Facebook, Twitter, Stumble and Myspace, and once again ping your home page and content.

Any product or article that is new should have something unique and compelling only then the reader would be drawn towards it. The other most important factor is not to make any mistakes in the content. Some mistakes can be glaring; they can make you notice the mistakes rather than the content.

The best way to make your book very attractive and compelling is to first list down all the things that a reader expects out of the article. You need to do this while editing your book. If you cannot give good ideas your article is sure not to last long in the market. Try to write content that is good content and pull the audience towards your website. It helps you to stand longer in the market.

There are three main ways of generating unique content:

1. Editorial-this includes content that we have come up with ourselves, for example, blogs (like this one!), videos, articles and also hiring journalists, hiring content and copywriters and even outsourcing writers of content in South East Asia and Eastern Europe where it can be cheaper. Basically, most content whereby a human has written it can be classed as editorial. Lots of unique content can be built this way.

2. Machine-built results-these are results you expect to see on a site like . These are made up of many databases of information which are put together and provide an automated response of data when needed. This is a good strategy as it provides a huge amount of unique content.

3. User generated content (UGC)-to some, this is the best kind of unique content that you can create, however it can be very difficult. First of all, you have to establish a community (and do it for free) in order to get users contributing. For some sites this may be easier, for instance, a review site will generate lots of unique content as users have a real purpose and understand the reason they are contributing. However, for others it is difficult to engage the users and generate quality content. Even with a huge website like, a large part of it’s content is not of a high quality. However, there is no doubt that UGC is very powerful.

All the best!!!


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very informative... I will do all these tips, though I am using some already... Thanks for sharing:) good job...

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Thanks La Verne.. Keep reading and commenting.. :)

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