How to Bypass the Internet Filter

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Helpful guide to go through the internet filter, when the internet filter blocks a website you need.

Guide: How to Bypass Internet Filter

How to: By Pass Internet filter

Quick and harmless way to bypass the internet filter when you need too.

Don’t you just hate when you get that message that the internet filter stopped you from accessing a website that doesn’t even have anything “bad” it’s just the filter acting very picky. From this point on I am going to assume that you are running windows. The way to bypass it is very simple; first off you need to open up command prompt. If you have a filter chances are that you can’t directly access the command prompt so we have to find a way around it.

Open up notepad once you have opened it up type one of these, CMD, CMD.EXE, Command prompt, or anything similar to that computers are different; on my desktop it is just CMD, but on my laptop it is CMD.EXE, once you choose and type one of them save it on the desktop and name it whatever you want but make sure you type in .bat at the end to make it a bat file. After that close it and run the file from the desktop. At this point two things might happen either command prompt will open or command prompt will have an error or not open at all, if the latter happens then right click it an edit it. Try another of the variation, you might have to play with it a little, but for the most likely one of those will work.
Once you have command prompt open it is really easy type in “ping” without the quotation marks and add a space and type in the web site you want to go to. Example ping, if nothing happens then try putting www. or http/: in front. If it does work you will see four sets of numbers separated by three periods the numbers are usually two to three digits long example you are almost done. Now that you have the number just open your internet browser and type it on the address bar that should redirect you to that website.


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17th Oct 2010 (#)

interesting Borrego

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18th Oct 2010 (#)

Good too know.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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