How to Choose a Game Console

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How does one choose a game console? Overall, there are a few factors which are worth taking into consideration. So if you confused about which console to get, here are a few tips that are worth noting.

How to Choose a Game Console

To begin with, you need to be clear about what type of game console you are after. There are really two types of game consoles: hand-held and non hand-held game console. The difference between these two types of game consoles is that hand-helds are much smaller, much more portable game consoles and rely on battery support. However, the larger game consoles have the most advanced games. Good examples of hand-held game consoles include the likes of the Sony PSP or the Nintendo DS.

If you are clear on what type of game console you are after, then this goes some way to narrowing the field. Hereafter, one of the biggest factors in choosing a game console is that of the hardware. The hardware really refers to how advanced a particular game console is. If a console has particularly good hardware, then it will have more advanced games with better audio and graphical effects. Currently, in terms of hardware the Playstation 3 is probably the most advanced console at the moment.

However, it should be noted that consoles with the best hardware do not always have the best games. Herein comes a particularly important consideration, that of the overall game's library the console has. Some game consoles, such as that Wii, have more exclusive Nintendo game titles which cannot be played on rival consoles. So, if you are a fan of Nintendo games, then Nintendo game consoles are the only real option for you. Consider checking some game reviews for some of the console games, and check their scores. If there are a lot of highly rated games for a particular console, then it has a good library of games. It may well be the case that less advanced game consoles can have a better library of games than more advanced consoles.

It should also be noted that the most advanced consoles tend to come at a price. The Sony Playstation 3 is a good example of a console with top hardware, that is also higher valued than its rival game consoles. If you are not so keen on a $300 game console, then you may have to steer clear of the more advanced ones.

So really, to choose a game console, pay careful attention to its library of games. A good game console does not necessarily always have the best hardware, but does have a variety of innovative and fun games for it. Currently, consoles such as the Wii are good examples of consoles that do not have absolutely the best graphics, but have plenty of great and innovative games.


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