How to Choose the Best External Hard Disk Drive for Your Files?

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This article is about an effective file management especially in choosing the best External Hard Disk Drive for you important files to backup. It explains the concept of hard disk drive and backing up files. It also gives information about the kinds of External Hard Disk, their advantages and disadvantages, and other factors that you should consider before purchasing an External Hard Disk Drive.

How to Choose the Best External Hard Disk Drive for Your Files?

Nowadays, many computer users prefer to use external hard drive for them to have a separate storage device for their large collection of files. The operating system will run slowly as the hard internal hard drive is full. This is one of the most important uses of external hard disk to save space from the internal drive and allows the operating system operates faster. Choosing and purchasing an external hard disk is not the hardest thing at all. Of course the first thing that you might consider is the storage capacity. This is the most important factor in choosing an external hard disk. However, there are still other things to consider before purchasing an external hard disk for your laptop or desktop computer files. You should always purchase the most reliable, fast, portable, and affordable electronic devices.

Storage Capacity

This is the first thing you should know if you are planning to purchase a new external hard disk for your computer. If you only store a minimum amount of files for your backups like documents and images, a flash drive with an 8GB capacity is enough for you to store those kinds of files. You really do not need to spend much of your budget if you only have few files to store. However, if you have a large collection of files like movies, games, software applications, music albums, video clips, music videos, etc. You will need a large amount of storage capacity for those kinds of files. An external hard disk will solve the solution for your storage problem.

Solid State or Mechanical External Hard Disk?

One thing that you should also consider is the kind of external hard disk you will purchase. There are only two main kinds of drives available in the market. Those are the mechanical drive and the solid state drive. Always be careful in choosing the right hard disk for your personal and business needs.

Solid State Drive is normally faster of reading and writing data into it. However, the disadvantage of this kind of drive is the permanent lost of data into it you will need a hard time in the future when you try to recover the lost file in this kind of drive.

Mechanical Drive is pretty much slower compared to the Solid State Drive but it is easier to retrieve lost data with this kind of hard drive.

Revolutions Per Minute (RPM)

Now you already have the knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of hard drive. One of the main factors to consider when purchasing any kind of hard drive especially external hard disk is the revolution speed of the platter on the disk. This is commonly called Revolution per Minute or RPM, the higher the RPM the faster to read and write data on to the external hard disk.

After purchasing the best external hard disk for your computer, the last thing you should consider is the sleeve or the case of the hard disk. You really need this to avoid any failure which is usually caused by external shock of the hard disk. The case will protect the external hard disk from outside shock caused by accidental fall. Never worry about the price of those cased because they are usually affordable.


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Hey thanks. But how do you distinguish between the solid state drive and mechanical drive?

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