How to Clean a Laptop?

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Nobody likes to lose his dear laptop because of neglect especially if it was valuable and fancy one. For this reason, i’m going to give you tips on how to clean your laptop safely with simple materials.
follow the following set of guidance in order to clean your laptop:

Clean the Surfaces:

Rub the case, screen, and tops of the keys softly with a microfiber cloth. , also you can put a small amount of alcohol on the cloth and wipe the computer’s surfaces To sanitize it.

Clean the Keyboard:

To get dust, crumbs and other dirt out of the keyboard, Clean in between the keys and in any cracks with cotton swabs dipped in the rubbing alcohol.

use compressed air . also you can blow with your mouth.
In case you spill something on the keyboard, or there is something stuck under the keys, you can remove the keys for a deeper clean then clean the exposed area with the cloth and alcohol.

Clean the Vents:

Dust is the enemy number one to ports and vents in your laptop. You have to clean it out before everything gets completely blocked which will cause damage from overheating.
Use the compressed air here, blow it into the ports and vents of your laptop.

Note: You can use these guidances with desktop computers as well.

Finally, if you are obsessed with cleaning, you can wash your laptop in the washing machine but if that will hurts its feelings, you can give it a bath. :)


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author avatar Retired
10th Jun 2011 (#)

Nice guide. Thanks

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author avatar saurik
11th Jun 2011 (#)

You are welcome. ;)

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author avatar Delicia Powers
21st Jun 2011 (#)

Great articles, all so helpful, thank you saurik!

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author avatar deepa venkitesh
23rd Jun 2011 (#)

humorous and helpful, will keep in mind when we can afford a laptop.

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author avatar saurik
23rd Jun 2011 (#)

Thanks for passign by deeps. ;)

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author avatar Asghar Khan
28th Jun 2011 (#)

That is one great article for people like me who got 2 laptops lol. I really wondered how to clean them. But, surely now I can try these tips. Thanks for the valuable share,saurik !!! :-)

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author avatar saurik
23rd Jul 2011 (#)

i'm glad Asghar.
thanks for passing by.

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