How to Clear Your Browsing Data in Google Chrome

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How to Clear Your Browsing Data in Google Chrome, how to clear your cache

How to Clear Your Browsing Data in Google Chrome

When you surf the web and access internet websites with your internet browser, your browser will store or Cache information it receives from all of the internet sites. This information is stored so that when you hit the backspace your data will remain on the web page; this makes your browser work faster. On the other hand, all this information stored in your Cache will slow down your computer and will eventually make your internet surfing a hassle because your computer becomes slow as a snail. To speed up your computer you will need to clear the cache in Google Chrome.

What You Will Need

• the latest version of Google Chrome

• Patience

• the ability to follow simple instructions

1. Open up your Google Chrome browser and look for the wrench bar on the top right side of your browser. Click on the wrench button and scroll half the way down to the tools button, click on the tools button and wait for another box to pop up on your screen.

2. In this new box you will again scroll half way down to continue the process of clearing your cache in Google Chrome. You will see where it says clear browsing data, click on clear browsing data, you have not cleared the cache on your Google Chrome yet.

3. When you click on Clear browsing data a box called clear browsing data will pop up. Some of the boxes will be clicked, other boxes will not be clicked. If you want to clear the cache in Google Chrome, click the box next to all six of the things needed to be cleared. These things are called; clear browsing history, clear download history, empty the cache, delete cookies and the other site data, clear saved passwords and clear saved Auto fill form data. You are not finished clearing the cache in Google Chrome yet.

4. There is a box on the bottom of the Clear browsing data box where you choose for how long you will clear the data, make sure you click this box down to everything. If you have any passwords on your computer that you do not remember, make sure you write down these passwords before completing the process.

5. Click the clear browsing data button on the bottom of the box. Google Chrome will automatically delete all the information in your cache, Google Chrome will clear the cache and the box will disappear, you have finished the process of clearing your cache on Google Chrome.


• Make sure you clear the cache on Google Chrome at least once a week, more often if you use your computer all of the time.

• This is only one step that will help speed up your computer

• Clearing your cache on Google Chrome is very important and many people never think about it until they have the slowest computer on the face of the earth.

• Computers don't fix themselves

• Google Chrome has better security than internet explorer, but you still need to clear the cache in Google Chrome to keep your computer running smoothly

Google Chrome will not automatically clear everything in your cache. Some people believe it will, but you actually have to do this yourself if you want all of the browsing data cleared from your computer.

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17th Feb 2011 (#)

A good follow up to your Explorer and Firefox articles.

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